Are celebrities in the Illuminati

From Beyoncé to Michael Jackson: The Most Dubious Celebrity Conspiracy Theories

The entertainer's image change is said to be proof of the demon theory. Beyoncé has developed from a good girl to a true bad girl who is increasingly acting like a prostitute and not like a pop star.

Lady Gaga, Eminem & Co .: Are all stars Illuminati?
The undisputed number one of all conspiracy theories is without a doubt the claim that a large part of the celebrities belong to the Illuminati. Lady Gaga, Eminem, Jay Z, Beyoncé, Madonna, Michael Jackson & Co. should not only be the most famous and best musicians of our time, but also worship the devil and have sold their souls to him. With their music and their appearance, they supposedly brainwash society completely unnoticed and manipulate their fellow human beings. Does that mean that everyone who sings along automatically worships the devil? Probably in the world of hardcore conspiracy theorists.

Now every normal thinking person is probably wondering how the DEVIL these people come up with such absurd theories. Very simple: Bey, RiRi & Co. should repeatedly fade in signs and symbols of the Illuminati in their music videos and during their performances. In addition, lines like "I Love U Satan" should be heard in some of the musicians' songs (We Found Love, Rihanna) when played backwards. That’s clear and scientifically sound evidence, right?

Those were by no means the most dubious conspiracy theories! There are even more totally confused claims in the gallery for you!