How do I hack ATMs

Jackpotting: Criminals hack ATMs

Jackpotting is also becoming a problem in Germany. Criminals hack the ATMs and collect the cash.

The Federal Criminal Police Office already warned in 2018 of a new method with which criminals empty ATMs within a few minutes: a machine releases all the cash deposited there via jackpotting. The method is already a major problem for security professionals in the United States, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. But the public prosecutor in North Rhine-Westphalia, which specializes in cybercrime, is also investigating ten cases in Germany, according to Bayerischer Rundfunk. The damage is said to be 1.4 million euros. The investigators against assume that it is a group that are responsible for the acts. They go on forays and specialize in certain types of equipment. How does the method work where the criminals don't blow up the ATM, but hack it?

Jackpotting: Thieves use malware

In order to get hold of the notes, the hackers first gain access to a USB port on the machine and use a USB stick to install malware, such as "Cutlet Maker". The program can be bought on the Darknet for several thousand dollars. If, with the help of the software, the criminals manage to control the part of the ATM via which the money is transported from the safe to the output chute, they can manipulate the device in such a way that all bills are issued. In 2018 the Federal Criminal Police Office for Germany reported 26 jackpotting cases, by September 2019 there were already 22.

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Jackpotting: better protecting ATMs

According to security experts, several measures are necessary to better protect ATMs. Banks have to secure access to Windows, carry out regular updates, secure communication between the ATM and the dispensing unit and encrypt the hard drive. A security expert from the Federal Criminal Police Office told Bayerischer Rundfunk that it was also important to set up controls to prevent USB devices from being connected and any program to be run. Sounds like a lot of work for banks and savings banks ...