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Job offers in the area media

Nowadays you don't even dare to say that you want to do something with the media later on. That often sounds as if you are simply disoriented and orient yourself towards the broad masses. And admittedly, the professional trend in the last few years has actually been in the direction of the media. However, very few people know that the media sector is much more than just newspapers, TV and co. From today, however, this is over, because here at Karista we are clearing up the misunderstandings and showing you the different possibilities that you have with jobs in the media.

The term media is roughly a collective term that stands for all communication media and concepts. Everything from radio, magazines and news programs is included here. However, many do not suspect that the design industry is also part of the media department. Actually it is logical, after all, every designer creates a concept and each of his designs has the honorable task of communicating with the end consumer. As a fashion designer in the lifestyle sector, for example, you position brands and people with the help of your drafts and concepts. Your designs communicate emotions and a certain attitude towards life that certain customers feel addressed by. The white beach dress feels summer, sun and a good mood and you can almost feel how the light fabric cools your skin pleasantly in summer. The fabric and the color communicate lightness, encourage buying and thus also give the fashion designer a place in the media jobs.

Away from the designers and towards public relations, you can also call a job in the media your own as a PR consultant. In short, in your day-to-day work, you ensure that contact is established between a client and his target group or that an image is spread and strengthened. To do this, you plan and conduct press events, implement magazines and brochures and prepare annual reports. So when a company, an association or a party approaches you, you translate their wishes into a feasible concept. You will work as a copywriter, manager and graphic designer and can thus perfectly demonstrate the versatility of media jobs.

Another area must not be left out as there are so many and important media jobs here. You probably already guessed that it is now about film and television. Whether as a cameraman or unit manager - a career in TV is very popular and is a source of plenty of admiration. Everyday work often looks anything but glamorous, after all, you are the woman or the man behind the scenes. As a unit manager, you are the master of all departments in a film or television production, because if someone has a question or a complaint, they'll come to you first. You conduct the crew orchestra at what feels like 856 locations at the same time and thus ensure a harmonious and smooth process. At live events you make sure that all cameras are running on time, at TV shows you coordinate the rehearsals and the program and at film shoots you have an overview of the entire set. As you can see, the media job as a production manager varies from project to project and has new, exciting tasks ready for you every day.

In the media industry, you are really spoiled for choice. So you should be aware of which media you want to deal with, whether you prefer to sit at the computer or create something by hand and whether you want to work independently or as an employee. It is always an advantage if you already do internships during your studies in order to define the broad spectrum of your possibilities for jobs in the media.