Are mobile payment apps safe to use

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If you own a smartphone, you probably have a digital wallet with you right now. But do you use them too? By storing your debit or credit cards in your smartphone's wallet app, you can bypass unnecessary swipes and chip dips for more secure and contactless retail transactions. And all thanks to the Near Field Communication (NFC) possible.

What you need for mobile payment

NFC-enabled device

To be able to make mobile payments, you first need a mobile phone with activated NFC (Near Field Communication) functions. With NFC, your phone can communicate with a merchant's payment terminal using radio waves. Most newer smartphones have such NFC hardware. So you can pay with your mobile phone without direct contact or entering a PIN. You can usually tell whether a retailer's terminal is NFC-enabled by the wave symbol, which looks similar to the typical WLAN symbol on your computer.

Mobile wallet

To pay with your cell phone, you usually need to save your billing information in a mobile wallet. To do this, enter your credit card, debit card, or bank account information into the wallet. This is done, for example, by typing or photographing the card. Alternatively, you can also link a wallet to another payment account, such as PayPal. Here are some of the most popular mobile payment apps:

You can also find out how to use the digital wallet directly from your bank. For example, Sparda Bank does not have its own app in which you can save your payment information. There you first have to request a digital BankCard from Sparda Bank.

How to set up a mobile wallet


We use Google Pay for illustrative purposes. However, the process is similar for most apps. If you prefer to use an app from your own bank, you can find out more about this process from your bank. If you use an iPhone, you can read here how to use NFC on your iPhone. For Android, follow our step-by-step instructions or take a look at the quick start guide.

How to pay merchants with your smartphone

Once you've set up a mobile wallet (or several of them) on your device, you're ready to make mobile payments. In most cases, you go to the checkout or the self-checkout terminal as usual. When it's time to pay, follow the merchant's instructions. In many cases, hold your device near the payment terminal or gently touch the terminal with your phone. Depending on your device and mobile wallet, you may need to "wake up" the phone or unlock your wallet before doing this. Before completing the payment, you will need to verify your identity (with a PIN, fingerprint, or any other method) and then payment will be made.


Some merchants may not yet offer contactless payment, so you will need to ask a cashier for help. Likewise, some companies only work with certain mobile wallets, so it's best to do your research before planning on making a payment.

Security: is mobile payment secure?

You have probably already asked whether contactless payment with your mobile phone is safe at all. Mobile phone payments are just as secure as using a credit or debit card, and in some ways the practice is even safer. The above mobile wallets hide your information from the merchants. For example, you can pay with a credit card, but the merchant won't see your actual credit card information, such as card number, expiration date, or security code. Instead, they use random "tokens" to authenticate your payment.

However, to protect yourself, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • If your device gets infected with malware, your billing information could be compromised.
  • Use strong identity verification measures in your digital wallet: a long PIN, strong password, or biometric.
  • Use security features that help you to find a misplaced device or to remotely lock a lost or stolen device or to clear its memory.

quick start Guide

  1. Download the Google Pay from the Play Store.
  2. Then open the Settings Your smartphone and tap on "links".
  3. Then select "NFC and payment"and activate the slider at the top right.
  4. You can then click "Typing and Paying"go to then the Standard payment service to change.
  5. Then open Google Pay and tap "Start now".
  6. Choose "Set up now" at.
  7. With the button "Payment method"you can add a new payment method. This can be a debit or credit card or your PayPal account.
  8. In order to select your payment method, in our example PayPal, then for mobile payment, tap on "Set up for contactless payment".
  9. On the PayPal website then select "Further"and then give a pin code for paying. Then tap on "Agree and continue".
  10. In Google Pay you will then see the word "default"that your desired payment method has been set up for contactless payment.