What do the Bhutanese think of Bangladesh

Traveler experiences in Bangladesh

March 2018 - Individual round trip to Bangladesh and Orissa

The quality of the local agents, guides and drivers was very, very good.
I was particularly taken with Bangladesh, I wouldn't have thought that there - the guide had a lot of inside knowledge and knew the right answer to every question.
In the Sundarbans he knew an alternative hiking route, where you had to walk a little more and get a little bit of nature off the beaten track, because he had the impression that I might like it and he was absolutely right .
In India you have a really great tour guide who plans and designs many of the trips himself as I saw. The idea with the green rickshaw, for example, or the tour through the villages was just great - you get close to the people and the real life there and don't feel so much like a tourist being dragged from one museum to the next. I was very impressed with that.

The quality of the hotels I stayed in was very good. Here, too, I was surprised at the high standard you can find in Dhaka. It was clear that the hotels a little further outside could not quite keep up, but the quality was absolutely okay everywhere. It's also amazing that there was WiFi everywhere. And the homestay in Puri was great cinema!
They do it with a lot of heart, you could feel that

I really liked the planned route. A perfect change from sightseeing, nature and real life and has also left space for a few walks and free time.

I was also very satisfied with the organization of Dimsum trips. The trip was in perfect shape for me from start to finish. I have already recommended Bangladesh in particular to some friends who have never imagined it before, but are now interested and are considering taking a look at it.

I would book another trip through Dimsum Reisen. I like it off the beaten track, because North India would definitely be exciting again and Tibet would also appeal to me a lot. Kind regards and thank you for the great travel recommendation to combine Bangladesh and India!

Sandra E.

January 2016

"The guide, other staff, the facilities, the agent ... only praise. It was all very good. The guide was more than excellent: a perfect travel planner, just the right tone and humor and very experienced when it comes to the country and the story went. I've rarely seen such a good tour guide. The driver was very good. The bus was fine. The boat in the Sundarbans was wonderful (also very attentive staff). The food was good. The agency was always up to date Current events and did his best, also because of the unrest. The guide was in constant contact with his boss. In short, nothing but praise for the entire organization "