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The ABACUS tutoring institute has offered the special service of individual tuition at the student's home since 1992. At ABACUS, the focus is on the student. At the beginning of the tutoring planning, a conversation takes place between the ... regional ABACUS institute director, the parents and the student. In this conversation, also at the student's home, a detailed inventory of the current school situation is made. The ABACUS institute director advises parents and students and suggests a tutoring strategy. The selection of the tutor is also closely coordinated with the parents and the student. In particular, the chemistry between the tutor and the student has to be right. Technical and scheduling issues are discussed directly between parents / students and tutors, the head of the institute and his staff are available for everything else.
Every ABACUS tutor is personally known to the regional director of the institute. The technical, didactic and human qualifications of the candidate are checked in a detailed interview. The director of the institute and his staff can always be reached on the local telephone numbers.
ABACUS offers tutoring in all subjects.

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My son is very satisfied with ABACUS and his tutor. The teacher selected for him was perfect, he specifically addressed the learning problems and was able to work through one learning success after the other. The 1: 1 care in the home environment creates peace and trust, which is essential for learning success. We would recommend ABACUS at any time! Thanks to the tutor's support, my son managed to improve his very shaky "3-" to a "2+" within six months. THANKS!
Very quick and friendly information on the phone or by email! Super reliable tutor (thanks Daniel😉) !! My kid has totally improved in math. Should you need help again, I will gladly fall back on the learning support with Abacus!
Great, I can't say more about my experience with Ms. Becker-Berger from Abacus. If, as a 50-year-old, you are allowed to experience the wonderful world of balance sheet and business accounting for two semesters to qualify as a business economist, you are happy to be supported by Abacus with competent tutoring in the form of Ms. Becker-Berger.

Great tutor - very patient and calm. Dates could be easily adjusted - as the conditions are constantly changing. (Schools open or closed, alternating lessons, etc.)
ABACUS tuition in Munich quickly gave us tuition on Sunday evening! organized for Monday and Tuesday. The lessons gave our son structure and helped a lot. Thanks a lot for this! If our son didn't graduate from high school - we would come again.
I've had math tutoring at Abacus for almost three years now.
I went straight up from 5 to 10 points. So it is definitely worth taking tuition.
I also turned to Abacus before leaving school, who at short notice gave me teachers with whom I could discuss my advanced courses.
In this way, many thanks again, without you I would hardly have made a cut of 2.0.
So I can only recommend Abacus 👍
Very competent, reacts very quickly to a very short-term request, selection of the teacher ideal and suitable for the child. Simply great, the process and the human competence excellent.
We were very satisfied with the tutor, with the customer advice and support during the contract period. Availability and contact persons are always given.
Our child's performance has clearly improved. "ABACUS tutoring" was the right decision, especially during the distance lessons.