Did you meet your pen pal

Me and my pen pal

Hello Yura
Years have passed now and I do not know whether you have dared to meet your "crush". I'll write to you anyway, maybe you'll read it again. So ... I totally understand your situation as I experienced almost the same thing. At that time I also met a boy on the Internet, you wrote each other every day, then at some point ... and made phone calls. I've known him for a good 3 to 3 1/2 years now ... but we only had contact by phone for 1 year, so really. I also found him super great, he was ... well .. he is ^^ super nice and understanding ... At some point you fell in love, etc., you know everything. So ... and then the day came when he asked when we would meet ... we said every day that we loved each other etc ... so we were already more or less a "relationship" without agreeing on it to have that it was one. At some point he asked me if I wanted to have him as a friend .. and because I was so fond of him and I didn't want anything better, of course I immediately said yes. So it was also clear that you can't get around a meeting anymore ... I racked my head ... it's kind of weird to have a boyfriend and then get to know him ... I really hardly had it back then Confidence ... based on my figure. I then lost 20 kilos and at some point thought to myself: "He's the one you want ... why don't you just meet him ?! - If he doesn't take you and love you the way you are, then he is anyway not worth it and then it's not love either ... "Well, easier said than done. When I postponed the meeting for the first time, I figured it couldn't go on like this. I finally wanted something solid, someone I could touch and kiss, someone who smelled like something ... no number in my phone book. So at some point I gathered all my courage and set a date with him on which he could come and see me. He lives about 600 km away from me. I didn't even know what had happened around me .. I was so excited, I was scared and would have loved to run away ^^. With every day that passed, it got worse, but at some point the anticipation came ... So it was time ... I stood at the train station ... my heart was beating like mad and I thought for a moment played, really to run away and to call off the whole thing. But it was already too late because he was already running towards me. What felt like 2 liters of blood rushed into my head ... I was afraid that he might not like me that much after all, that he would find me ugly and fat ... and that he would then regret visiting me ... So we sat in the car (my father drove, my mother sat next to it).

And we started to talk a little ... When we were at home, we both went to sleep first (he drove overnight and so we were ready to "pick up" at 6 o'clock in the morning. I told him that I put me to sleep and saw in his eyes that he was totally broken. I went into the room and he came right after. We had already discussed that it would not be a problem for each other, together in mine Bed to sleep (I have a double bed).
So, we lay there ... and fell asleep very quickly, at least I ^^

When I woke up, I had forgotten that he was lying next to me ... but it was nice not to wake up alone.

Throughout the day he would occasionally cuddle mine with his feet. It was actually very cute too. Later in the evening we went for a walk with my big brother and his girlfriend ... it was winter, there was a pile of snow (I live soooooo up in the north ^^) and as we were walking next to each other, he suddenly said: " Give a paw! " and held out his hand to me ... I took it right away and was happy that he had apparently found interest in yours truly ^^

At first he only stayed 3 days because I was afraid he might not like me and then he sat at my home for a week. When the last day came, we lay in bed together for the last few hours and cuddled a bit ... rubbed our noses together ... until his lips suddenly touched mine. I froze for a moment because I was so scared ... but then replied his light kisses ... when the last hour came, a few tears even rolled down his cheeks ... well, I don't want to write any more, has become way too long.

Since then we have been a steady couple ... Exactly 1 year and one day today.
I just want to tell you that you should finally dare to take this step. If he really likes you, which I assume with difficulty, because otherwise he would have dumped you for a long time after begging for a meeting for so long, then he will still like you when you've finally met.

And if he doesn’t like you anymore, then he’s never really liked you.

What do you have to lose? You can only win ... if not his love, then honesty!
And believe me, when you've met and got closer, you'll regret dragging it out for so long ...

Sorry for the typos, I'm pressed for time.

Nevertheless, I wish you all the best and if you should take a look here again, then let's hear how it turned out.



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