Is FGM a problem in Malaysia

Female genital mutilation

Female genital mutilation Female genital mutilation, short FGM) referred to as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO)

the partial or full Removal of the female genitals or damage to the genital organs without a profound medical background

(see WHO,

The implementation of the mutilation is carried out in many countries traditional or cultural motifs and is especially in Islamic areas of Africa widespread, who often - incorrectly - relate these practices to the scriptures of Koran justify or justify.


The thing

In Africa they call it "The thing" and FGM has been a fixed ritual for around 5,000 years, which girls and women from Infants through adulthood is made. Mainly, however, before the onset of puberty, in order to "protect" the girls from their own sexuality and to keep them "pure" so that the future husband recognizes the woman as a virgin.

Without the act of mutilation, there is otherwise the danger that the girl or the woman repudiated by the community becomes. FGM is therefore also understood as a symbol of ethnicity and femininity.

The mutilation is carried out by so-called "Circumcisers". These are mostly old women who have been practicing the process for many years. FGM is recognized by the tribes as a kind of "profession" and is well paid. Knives and razor blades serve as "tools" to perform the circumcision as wellAcacia thorns and loopsto "sew up" the wound and to keep the legs together after the mutilation so that further movements do not open the wound again and the girl bleeds to death. In addition, for the worse types of mutilation, there will be adrinking straw used to leave the victim a small opening - about the size of a grain of rice - for urine and menstruation (see type 3).


The WHO differentiates between four types of female genital mutilation:

Either the clitoris (erectile sexual organ of women) partially or completely away or the Clitoral hood cut away. This process is also called Clitoridectomy designated.

At this stage a Clitoridectomy made and the small labia (Labia) are partially or completely away. This form of mutilation makes about 85 percentof all FGM practices out.

The third type is called "Infibulation" or "Pharaonic Circumcision" denotes and includes the Removal of clitoris as well as the small and large labia. The residual vulva is then with Acacia thorns locked. The introduction of a foreign body, e.g. a Straws, prevents the wound from growing together, leaving a small opening to urinate and menstruate.

At this stage the mutilation is through extreme brutality made in the form of pricking, trimming, stretching or searing of the clitoris and labia.


TARGET's mission is to end the bloody custom

Every day 8,000 girls are robbed of their genitals and thus of their dignity. One every eleven seconds. 150 million women worldwide are affected. TARGET wants to end this crime.

Because female genital mutilation incorrect With Holy Scriptures and based on religious duty will and most of the victims were Muslim women are, we see in the Power of islam the greatest chance to end the bloody custom. TARGETs "PRO-Islamic Alliance against Female Genital Mutilation" (PIA) has the goal of declaring the custom in all countries as incompatible with the Koran and the ethics of Islam, as discrimination against Islam, as presumptuousness and sin.
High-ranking Islamic authorities have joined this alliance.

TARGET's mission is to Azhar resolution to carry it to all mosques in the world and finally the ban on female genital mutilation proclaim in Mecca allow.