What are the benefits of meritocracy


The educational noun meritocracy (the) denotes a principle in which public officials, rulers, leaders or leaders are selected according to their achievements. The meritocracy thus plays a role as a form of government of a state and in other political or economic organizations.

"Achievement society" and "merit nobility" are synonymous words meritocracy.

The term is from the Latin noun meritum (Merit) and ancient Greek crude (rule) composed. It was first used in 1958 by the British Sunlop Young as part of his satire 'Rise of the Meritocracy'.


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Phonetic transcription (IPA):[meʁitokʁaˈtiː]

Usage examples

As a company, we follow the principle of meritocracy. You have to prove with good performance that you deserve a management position - it is not enough to be there the longest.

Behind our idea of ​​democracy, i.e. the rule of the people, lies above all else meritocracy, the idea of ​​the rule of high performers, that is, of the able who earn merit in the here and now. Whoever achieves something should become something. That is the basis of our worldview. The achievement society, that's us.
-Wolf Lotter, diesel, Brandeins, 06/2013

The fundamentally positive principle of meritocracy - according to which, ideally, every person in a society takes the position they deserve and is rewarded accordingly - has turned into a tough social Darwinism in which measurable productivity has become the central, if not the only criterion of the "ideal person".
–Anja Kümmel, non-fiction book “And I?”: Our pretended freedom, Zeit Online, January 15, 2014

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