How do I look young after 30

From head to toe - everything about beauty, nutrition, fitness and co!

Not even 30: actress and botox “victim” Lindsay Lohan is ironed smooth like a sheet. (Image: Getty)

It is not the (laughing) lines that make us look old, but the too much sun, sugar, alcohol and co. And of course unnecessary medical rejuvenation methods. Here are the top 9 old makers.

1. Botox and Co.

Yes, the supposed “young maker” can grow old pretty quickly. Don't mind if Botox is used to smooth out a pronounced frown line. How much the prophylactic spraying can be disfigured, however, can be seen in Lindsay Lohan (29). Thanks to botox and collagen, she looks years older than she really is. And more and more young women are doing the same and splattering their cheeks and lips.

What helps? Holidays instead of injections.

2. Uneven complexion

Pigment spots on the face and hands make women and men look older. Reason: an increased production of the skin pigment melanin, which is triggered by predisposition, long sunbathing without UV protection, solarium or hormone changes (in women).

What helps? Don't sizzle in the sun. No solarium. Daily UV protection. Creams and serums with a brightening effect. In the case of very dark spots, only laser therapy or a chemical peel from a dermatologist will help.

3. Too much makeup

She regularly exaggerates make-up: Katy Perry. (Image: Keystone)

Too thick make-up, a lot of powder, too heavy eye make-up and dark lipstick, possibly framed with an even darker lip liner, looks anything but fresh, as singer Katy Perry (31) proves.

What helps? Make-up removal and care. Because healthy skin is beautiful skin and doesn't need a lot of color. Use a BB or CC cream as a primer instead of heavy makeup. Do not use powder, it will tend to settle in the wrinkles.

4. Discolored teeth

Rely on white teeth: Inès de la Fressange. (Image: Keystone)

Teeth get darker with age. The former top model Inès de la Fressange (57) is often asked about her youthful appearance. In an interview she said to me: “A lot of women invest their money completely wrong. You spend 250 euros on a cream - instead of having your teeth whitened. White teeth are the only thing that really makes you look younger. "

What helps: Regular dental hygiene - and, if necessary, gentle bleaching. Two to three shades lighter are sufficient. We don't want pissers like Tom Cruise.

5. Go to sleep with makeup on

Actually, we know it. But sometimes you are just too tired or too lazy to remove your make-up (or you are Dolly Parton; the American singer never removes make-up in hotels to make sure that no one can take a picture of her without make-up in the event of a fire alarm) . Pimples and redness are the result.

What helps: Just do it!

6. Too many luxury foods

For decades, actress Melanie Griffith was dependent on a wide variety of addictive substances - with visible consequences. (Image: Getty)

The worst wrinkle makers are: smoking, too much alcohol, too much animal fat, too much sun and too much sugar. Sugar attacks the collagen fibers in our skin and sticks them together. Result: weakened connective tissue and wrinkles like Melanie Griffith (58).

What helps: Cigarettes out. And otherwise: moderate enjoyment.

7. Dry skin

Sometimes even diligent creaming does not help. The skin stays dry, especially when it is exposed to temperature differences such as in winter. In addition, fluctuations in estrogen levels can lead to moisture loss and wrinkles.

What helps? Drink a lot, the skin looks fresher and firmer. Cream with urea, the urea. It binds water and helps the skin to store moisture in deeper layers and acts like a protective shield against wind and cold. Products with phytohormones from the soy plant or yam root can also compensate for drought. They activate collagen production.

8. Extreme diets

Queen Letizia of Spain is always talked about because of her filigree figure. (Image: Keystone)

Crash diets, in which you lose a lot of weight in a short time, are poison for the skin. The skin ages prematurely, which is mostly due to the loss of water and protein in the body. You can especially see the neck and hands when you are constantly dieting - the veins protrude excessively like Letizia from Spain (43).

What helps: If losing weight, then in the long term. And sometimes a few pounds more simply makes the skin look plumper.

9. Insufficient sleep

According to a US study, chronic lack of sleep (less than five hours) leads to wrinkles, irregular pigmentation, dry skin and decreased firmness and elasticity.

What helps: Seven to eight hours of sleep.