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The 3 best nail polishes from the drugstore that last extremely long

Nothing is nicer than spicing up your summer outfit with a great color of nail polish: a bright red with simple basics such as denim shorts and a white T-shirt, a fresh rose color with a colorful beach dress or trendy mother-of-pearl varnish that comes into its own on gently tanned skin.

Freshly painted toenails and fingernails give our outfit the finishing touch and turn even subtle looks into real eye-catchers in no time at all.

Our nail polish collection at home is growing steadily, especially in summer. No wonder, because the colors simply shine best in bright sunlight. In addition, the selection of cheap nail polishes is huge, which is why we usually just take it when we like a color on the drugstore shelf.

But not every cheap product meets our requirements. If the paint flakes off here and there after a few hours, we are reluctant to use it a second time. And so it stays in the bathroom cabinet forever and is hardly used.

Even if the product was already available for little money: Bad purchases are always annoying. That's why we're introducing you to our three cheap nail polish favorites from dm, Rossmann and Co., which last the longest.

These 3 nail polishes from the drugstore hold up really well:

# 1: Edding nail polish
Price: approx. 8 euros

You can buy the Edding nail polish here at Flaconi. *

Admittedly, the name of this paint is suspicious for a brief moment. Most people associate 'Edding' with the brightly colored highlighters in pencil cases. The nail polishes from Edding are similarly gaudy: from rich strawberry red to bright orange to bold blue and purple tones.

The colors are particularly opaque, so that one layer is usually enough without the nail showing through underneath. In addition, the special permanent resist technology ensures that the Edding nail polish adheres really well to the nails, so that it does not split off immediately even without a transparent top coat. Top!

# 2: neon nail polish from Rival
Price: approx. 2 euros

Rival's neon nail polish is available from Rossmann or online here in the Rossmann online shop.

Another insider tip is the neon nail polish from Rival. The bright, rich colors are perfect for summer and even glow in UV light. The varnish can be applied very well and streak-free. In addition, the colors are opaque after the first layer.

The neon nail polish has a special plus point for its durability: the nail polish stayed on our nails for five days without a top coat - without chipping. Perfect for everyone who avoids flashy colors because small blunders are more noticeable than with subtle paintwork.

Tip: Since the neon nail polish from Rival lasts so well, you should always apply a layer of base coat beforehand. The base coat makes it easier to remove the color later with nail polish remover without smearing and leaving unsightly color residues on the edge of the nail.

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# 3: Essie nail polish
Price: approx. 8 euros

You can find Essie nail polish in the drugstore around the corner or here on Amazon. *

Essie nail polish may not be super cheap, but it's definitely worth the price. The Essie lacquer is not only convincing due to its diverse color palette. The color result on the nails is particularly impressive. Thanks to its special formulation, the varnish evens out unevenness, so that the nail appears smoother and firmer after varnishing.

The large fan brush is also practical: it makes it super easy and quick to apply the nail polish. With a top coat over the colored polish, the durability of the Essie nail polish is also satisfactory. Only the opacity could be improved: 2-3 layers are required for an intense color result.

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For even better durability: The best top coat on Amazon

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat
Price: approx. 10 euros

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Here you can find the Seche Vite Top Coat on Amazon. *

If you want to get the best out of your nail polish in terms of durability, you can't avoid a top coat. The transparent varnish seals the color, protects it from chipping and also makes it shine nicely.

The absolute favorite on the net is the Top Coat by Seche Vite *. The lacquer should penetrate to the base lacquer and thus ensure a particularly strong coating. In the customer reviews, in addition to its strong hold, the top coat is also praised for the fact that it dries very quickly. After just a few minutes, your hands should be ready for anything again. In addition, the varnish should make the nails harder and more resistant.

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