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Included in the tour price
  • Wonder world trip up to a maximum of 12 participants
  • Guaranteed execution of all appointments
  • Travel minibus or four-wheel drive vehicle with air conditioning
  • Overnight stays in hotels, resorts and lodges
  • Daily breakfast, 4 x lunch, 4 x dinner
  • 2 trips with a motor catamaran
  • 1 cable car ride
  • National park fees and entrance fees
  • Travel literature
  • 100 m² rainforest in your name
  • German speaking local tour guide

Notes on the course of the trip

  • The trip consists of three modules. You will be accompanied by three different German-speaking tour guides who specialize in the respective area.
  • It is not possible to book half double rooms on this trip.
  • The weekly appointments are so-called add-on trips, i.e. guests booked through various tour operators in German-speaking countries travel together. The trip consists of three modules. You will be accompanied by three local guides who specialize in the respective area, who in most cases are also drivers. It is possible that you will meet your first guide in Sydney not as soon as you arrive at the airport, but the following day. Since the Uluru trip consists of various day and multi-day tours, there can also be a changing group composition.
  • If any of the above-mentioned accommodations are not available, an alternative of the same value will be booked.
  • The specified travel times are the pure travel time. Breaks and photo stops are not taken into account.
  • Citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany, Austria and Switzerland need a visa for their stay in Australia (visitor visa for a maximum of 3 months in Australia). The visa will be issued for you free of charge in our office. Please send us a legible copy of your passport and identity card. For your stay in Australia, your passport must be valid for at least the entire duration of your stay. However, if you have booked a stopover in an Asian country, the passport must be valid for at least 6 months when you leave the country.
Notes on our recommendations
  • Chameleon selects the activities to the best of its knowledge and belief and offers you the placement as a free service. The execution of the activities cannot be guaranteed.
  • Please inform your tour guide of your booking requests at the beginning of the trip. Reservation and payment for the desired activities will be made on site, with the exception of tickets for the Sydney Opera House and booking the upgrade to the Great Barrier Reef Cruise "Seastar". Tickets for the opera can be reserved in advance via Chameleon and payment on site. The reservation and payment of the cruise is made in advance via Chameleon.
  • In addition, we advise against booking activities online before traveling, as the weather cannot be foreseen and arrival and departure times cannot be fully planned.
  • All activities mentioned are in English.
  • The prices quoted correspond to the prices on site without surcharge and can change at short notice. The exchange rate is € 1 = approximately AU $ 1.50 (as of September 2017).
Follow-up programs
  • 3-day pre-program Sydney
  • Palm Cove 3-day follow-up program
  • 3-day stopover in Hong Kong


Of course, Uluru sounds much more serious, especially since it is the mythical Ayers Rock in the language of the Aborigines. But we could just as well have called this trip "Uihjuihjuihjui", because days of wonder and quiet happiness are rare. Happiness is quiet at the airport in Germany (1) probably not yet, but a start if you go to Sydney (2) set off and finally arrive down under. Okay, you want to see the opera, who doesn't want that, but if you also want to experience this unique UNESCO World Heritage Site live, we would be happy to arrange it as an optional program for tomorrow evening.

There is still a lot of time for Sydney before the opera (3). On a half-day exploration tour, we put what you have to see at your feet: the power district Kings Cross, Bondi Beach, which is registered as a national monument, the newly blossomed historic district The Rocks and the cliffs that give the harbor entrance its special charm. The same thing viewed again from the water or a catamaran that ships us through the harbor to an idyllic bay, where a buffet is waiting for you. Lukull in Sydney, it could have been worse.

What we only know as cuddly stuffed animals at home pretends to own the Featherdale Wildlife Park. Kangaroos, wombats and koalas have nothing against bringing along an appetizer, which we advise against in the case of the saltwater crocodiles, which easily get a ton on their feet. But they are always good for a little goosebumps. The next is only 1,000 meters further up, on the sandstone plateau in the Blue Mountains National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site (4)where one step is enough to disappear forever into the yawning gorges. Govetts Leap at the Grand Canyon is considered the best vantage point, while the cable car over the canyon is an optional adventure. Just look ahead, there is the lush eucalyptus forest below the rock formation The Three Sisters, where our airy journey ends and a new experience begins: that of the oldest culture in the world at the Waradah Aboriginal Center.

How should a heart be other than red? But this heart and this red are unique in the world. What is meant is the geographic center of Australia, and where the country produces colors that can hardly be described, there is Alice Springs (5), around 1,500 kilometers from the next larger city. Camel caravans have long been the only way to supply the telegraph station. This has gotten better, as the pool at your Chifley Alice Springs Resort will convince you. Unless you'd like the Royal Flying Doctor Service to demonstrate firsthand how medical care works in the outback.

Alice Springs is based on a fallacy because the alleged source was not. But the telegraph booth was already there, so today you have the opportunity to visit the place where the city was founded. Then things go haywire in Australia. Across from the strategically located Anzac Hill, where on Fridays you can see who is visiting on Sundays. Below in the 80 meter deep, colorful Simpsons Gap in West MacDonnell National Park (6). And a bit of everything on your hike through the delightful gorges of the Ormiston Gorge, which the Finke River has carved into the terrain in painstaking detail, but in a wild and romantic way. You want to stay here, and that's what we do at Glen Helen Lodge, right on the river.

What served the Aborigines as a place to sleep and worship thousands of years ago is now known as the Lost City. We take the 4x4 to find the rock and cave system. The scenic desert route takes us to Kings Canyon (7) in Watarrka National Park. As the name suggests, the largest canyon in Australia. A sea of ​​colors made up of all the tones that can be called red in the broadest sense. The only thing that helps here is hiking, and on a plateau we also find the rock domes of the Aborigines, whose engravings and paintings refer to the long culture of the indigenous people. Where a waterfall plunges from red-brown walls into the rock funnel, from which lush green trees look the other way round, there is the oasis of Garden of Eden.

Hold the camera firmly. It will be best not to put it down at all, because what follows is an undisputed highlight of your trip, the Uluru National Park (8). The hike in the spectacular Valley of the Winds through fantastic red gorges to the huge stone domes, which the Aborigines called Kata Tjuta - many heads - is a sequence of moving moments until the longing destination lies before you in full regalia: Ayers Rock in the legendary Sunset. And a glass of sparkling wine from us.

The vernacular says that you should start in the morning what you stopped with in the evening. That goes for Ayers Rock (9) just like for sparkling wine. We drive around the monolith at sunrise so that nothing remains hidden from you. But you cannot reduce your enthusiastic report to the rocks at home. The award-winning center for Aboriginal culture provides you with the material for the picture. Then you are loaded with impressions and have earned a change of scenery: Scenes of a royal nature in Palm Cove, Queensland. Only three hours to landing, and red becomes blue alternating with green.

When do you have the opportunity to see trees from above? It is questionable whether one can still distinguish the individual trees from one another in the jungle of the rainforest. Looks more like a gigantic lush green carpet when we hover over it in the cable car to the mountain village of Kuranda (10). It is market day in the rainforest and the music does not come from the iPod, but from didgeridoos. In the Pamagirri Cultural Center there is music, dancing and spear hunting. As the Aborigines did for millennia. Just for us today.

Sure, for ten days you have been waiting for the turn of the largest coral reef on earth. Here you go: the catamaran invites you to drive to the outer Great Barrier Reef (11). Snorkeling gear is on board so what are you waiting for? 359 species of hard corals, 5,000 species of soft corals and sea feathers, sea turtles and then Nemo and his friends. An Eldorado of shapes and colors, where everyone tries to be more beautiful than the other.

What can it be today? Shopping on the Cairns Esplanade (12)? No problem, we'll take you there. Or do the hip flask on the picture-perfect beach at Palm Cove, where the palm trees bow to your decision? Well, we'll leave you alone. The main thing is to leave for the Quinkan Country (13) are all together again. A tour that is characterized by feelings of happiness. From the water bird ballet on Lake Mitchell to the Palmer River, where one of the fanatical prospectors may have missed a nugget, and finally to our destination, the 20,000 year old Aboriginal rock carvings in the Quinkan Caves. Not far away in the middle of the rainforest is the Mungumby Lodge with everything that makes happiness perfect.

In the middle of the rainforest does not necessarily mean "beyond good and evil". The tropical Cooktown (14), where Captain Cook hoisted the flag for England in 1770, is only half an hour away. We have to go there, first of all because of the sweeping view, from Grassy Hill over the Endeavor River to the Coral Sea. And secondly for the sake of Quarantine Beach, where the love for this blissful bay will probably be on your side. A visit to the James Cook Museum has something to do in this city, but before you ask when we are going back to the heavenly Mungumby Lodge, we'd better give the answer right now: Now!

Last day, last chance for a piece of freedom and adventure. We take the Bloomfield Track with a view of the Great Barrier Reef, and where the Bloomfield River blocks our way, we simply drive through it. The Cape Tribulation (15) reconciles us with the dust of the slopes. Almost a third of all animal species live in the lush green of the rainforest on just 0.01 percent of the area of ​​Australia. Just no saltwater crocodiles, they'll be waiting for us on a boat trip on the Daintree River. End of performance. Cairns (16) degrades your experiences to memories. After more than two weeks, it's back to Germany (17). And if you are asked, "How was it?", Please don't just say "Uihjuihjuihjui".

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17 travel days
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Desired services
  • Single supplement: € 1,649
  • We are happy to book the international flights, flights within Australia and possible stopovers individually for you. Scheduled flights with Cathay Pacific and domestic flights with Qantas are recommended. Airfare to / from Frankfurt or Düsseldorf including Rail & Fly (DE) 2nd class, two domestic flights, airport fees and taxes: from € 1,699
  • Connecting flight (DE) with Lufthansa: from € 199. Possible departure airports: Berlin, Bremen, Dresden, Düsseldorf, Friedrichshafen, Hamburg, Hanover, Leipzig, Cologne / Bonn, Munich, Münster-Osnabrück, Nuremberg, Paderborn, Rostock, Stuttgart
  • Connecting flight (AT) with Lufthansa or Austrian Airlines: from € 199. Possible departure airport: Vienna
  • Connecting flight (CH) with Lufthansa or Swiss: from € 299. Possible departure airport: Zurich
  • Premium Economy Class flight surcharge: on request
  • Business class flight surcharge including Rail & Fly (DE) 1st class: on request
Organizer and travel conditions
The organizer of this trip is Chameleon. A brand of Chamäleon Reisen GmbH, Pannwitzstraße 5, 13403 Berlin. The travel agency only acts as an intermediary.

About chameleon

Chameleon does everything differently - we like to hear this unanimous judgment from all of our travel guests. But is different also better? Most of our guests respond with the picture of a vacation that is perceived as unforgettable. Breathtaking is also mentioned very often, and moving, at times moving.

This has to do with the intensity of the experiences, which are only possible with a small group of at most 12 participants. So that our tour guides are German-speaking locals, and that everyone involved on site (from the driver to the hosts of the enchanting private lodges) are our friends.

However, the decisive factor is probably the experiences that nobody expects. The sensitive adjustment of overwhelming moments in which the emotions are at their highest. Most of the time there is silence during these seconds. Only the body says with goose bumps what words cannot express. We hope you can take it.

Welcome to Chameleon!

What, you really don't have a plot of land in the rainforest yet?

If you could zero the environmental impact of travel - we would. But there is another option.

To do this, you need to know that the rainforests, covering an area of ​​1.8 billion hectares, continuously produce oxygen. Evergreen trees, soaring palms, strangling figs, light-seeking lianas, water-storing herbs and humus-collecting orchids filter around 10 tons of carbon dioxide from the air per hectare and year. What remains is what we need to breathe.

Therefore: filter with, no matter where you fly with Chameleon. Because we buy 100 square meters of protected rainforest in Ecuador for every guest and we put it in your name. The lot number is on your personal rainforest certificate, our confirmation of your contribution to making the world we live in worth visiting.

Visit the Rainforest Foundation, which we founded together with our partner in South America.

Do you sometimes think how much nicer it could be if the tour group were smaller?
The very idea that you are traveling with a maximum of 12 participants gives you a feeling of how much more intensely you will experience a country. 12 is the whole secret to a front row seat. And sometimes it's only 7 or 8 because we don't cancel a trip on principle.

Would you have dreamed that at the end of a canoe trip, lunch would be with an indigenous family? That an observatory was specially purchased so that you can cast an overwhelming view of the African starry sky? That doors of friendship open in distant lands that normally remain closed.

It's hard to imagine until Chameleon takes you deep into the soul of a country.

Have you ever wanted to understand a country better?

You don't fly halfway around the world to lie down in the sand. A few days are okay, then the question arises: what do you take home with you from the rest of the time? That depends crucially on who accompanies you through the foreign country.
Wherever we take you, our friends are waiting for you. Highly motivated tour guides who were born there or have lived there for a long time. Who know their way around better than all travel books put together. Which you take with you to their families. Who also fulfill wishes that are not even part of the program. It's wonderful to be out and about with them. They bring added value to your vacation. They all speak German and they also know the moments when feelings don't need words.

Would you agree if your accommodations are smaller but finer?
There are the typical lodges in outstanding locations, where the view from your terrace is half a safari. There are the wonderful resorts, the almost luxurious combination of hospitality and pampering. There is the comfortable safari tent by the river, with its own bathroom and an indescribable view of the starry sky from the bed. There is the Maharaja's palace, where the treasures of a faded era still blink from every corner.There are the private villas and cottages, the camps and guest farms that have just as many rooms as we need.

It's not about finding a place to stay at the end of a beautiful day, rather the second part of the unforgettable experience should begin.

Do you still think you only travel to look?

Heart pounding, cheering, closeness, participation - all ingredients for our wonderful world trips. For each trip, we and our partners looked for ways to become leaders in experience quality and sustainability.

Lodges owned by locals, restaurants with local cuisine and their own cultivation, use of renewable energies, training on environmental awareness, concrete measures to avoid waste, respectful treatment of foreign ethnic groups, qualification of staff, fair pay and the development of local jobs. The list is endless and the result is convincing: 49.3 percent of our travel price stays in the country and helps to preserve its cultural values.

TourCert has awarded us the seal of approval for sustainability and corporate responsibility. This certificate obliges us to check the social, ecological and economic balance of our trips with everyone involved in the organization and implementation and to continuously improve it. So what we've always done.

If you could give happiness, would you?

There is the market woman who gives us an apple with a mischievous wink. The tea picker who shares his lassi with us. The fuzzy guard who unlocks the pagoda just for us. The monk who blesses our journey. The children who want to show us the whole village. They all give us their attention, unforgettable impressions, friendship for a while. And there are those who are in the shadow of life and cannot give more than a smile - if at all.

The Chameleon Foundation is about them: to get involved where cultural, human or natural values ​​are lost without our help. To date, we have supported 32 projects worldwide and, as a side effect, created unique opportunities to arrive deeper in the soul of a country on our travels.

For the happiness of this world. It's the only thing that matters.