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Travel checklist - don't forget anything for your vacation

Who does not know it - the vacation is booked, the anticipation is great and in a few days it will start. But then the question arises: what should I actually have in mine pack suitcase? If you want to make sure not to forget anything, you should get one Travel checklist with all the important utensils. To make this work easier for you, I have put together a few important things for you in this article that you should definitely not forget. I also have you packing lists for women and for men as PDF to download designed. But even before you even think about packing, there are a few important things that you should consider, especially when traveling abroad. Find out in the following list which utensils are mandatory for your vacation and which organizational tasks you have to face before you start your trip.

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Travel checklists to download

All the important things you need for your vacation or backpacking can be found here in my travel checklists, which you can easily download. I have two different versions compiled for you, which are based on the different needs of women and men. You can find my travel checklists here:

Packing list for your suitcase

Packing list for backpacking

Packing list

A checklist can be a good way to pack all the utensils for a successful holiday as completely as possible in the suitcase and not to forget any important things. It is not only necessary to carry clothing and hygiene items with you, too important documents and little helpers such as pocket knives or adapters can play an important role in your trip. Since such small utensils are often forgotten, I have put together again in detail things that can prove to be useful during your vacation. You can find a shortened version of this list in mine Download checklists.

travel pharmacy

No matter where your journey takes you, it's best to have a few standard medications for emergencies have ready. I therefore recommend that you always have the following medication with you in your luggage:

For long-distance travel it is often advisable to get additional medication. For example, if you travel to malaria-prone areas, it makes sense to bring the appropriate medicine with you.

Apparel & Personal Care

The clothing that you need for your vacation depends of course according to the temperatures on site. Nevertheless, I have tried to put together an extensive list in my checklist that should help you not to forget anything important. This includes, for example, the obligatory pajamas or underwear. Depending on the destination, you should also think of the appropriate equipment such as bathing suits for the summer vacation or ski equipment for the winter vacation. Do you need a special packing list for your skiing holiday? Then have a look at my article. You can also find and tick everything that should not be missing in your toiletry bag on my checklist. Although women's and men's packing lists differ in some points, you shouldn't forget items such as shampoo, shower gel or deodorant in both suitcases.


Aside from clothing, personal care products, and medication, there are tons of other things that should go into your travel bag. Especially a lot of these Little things are often forgotten. If a camera or the right socket adapter is missing on site, this is not only annoying, but also often associated with costs. You can find gadgets that you should always have in your luggage here:

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Backpacking packing list

Would you like to go on an exciting adventure and travel the world with a backpack? Then you should browse through my backpacking packing list, because there you will find everything you need especially when backpacking. Since you are usually only traveling with a backpack on a world trip or a backpacking tour, it is all the more important to pack the right gadgets in your travel backpack. In addition to a toiletry bag with the most important utensils such as shower gel or a first-aid kit, you should also have the right equipment in your travel backpack. Whether Australia, Thailand, Laos or Vietnam - in addition to suitable clothing such as sarong, sweater and rain jacket, helpful gadgets such as a mosquito net, padlock and sleeping bag should also be on your backpacking packing list. If you don't want to go on excursions with a large backpack, but only with hand luggage, you should also pack a small daypack. Small panniers, packing cubes or Pacsafes, in which you can store everything important, such as yours, can also be helpful Travel documents, Valuables and papers for the foreign health insurance can stow away. So that you can really stow everything you need in your backpack on your world trip or backpacking and not forget your beloved toiletry bag or the obligatory mosquito net, I have a backpacking packing list for men and women above to download put together for you.

Important information for long-distance travel

Before you even start packing, there are some organizational things that you should consider for many destinations. Anyone planning a long-haul trip should get documents and adequate health care as may be required in good time Visa, vaccinations and a valid passport To take care of. Since certain lead times are often required in all three cases, you should be active several weeks or even months in advance.


It is best to ask your family doctor for any necessary vaccinations. Alternatively, you can also inquire at the Foreign Office. Here you will find general travel information, safety warnings and mandatory and possible vaccinations for each country. I have also put together all the information about the most common vaccinations in an article for you.


You can also find information about possibly required visas at the Foreign Office. The application can take anywhere from a few hours to several weeks. There are also often different visas with regard to travel options and the length of stay on site. Find out here as comprehensively as possible and as early as possible.


For travel outside of the EU a passport is usually required. You apply for this at the citizens' office in your municipality or city. The waiting time is around six weeks, so you should take care of the document in good time. Would you like to know which country the most valuable passport comes from or do you need information on problematic stamps in your document? Then take a look at my articles.

other documents

If you want to be mobile in the country you are traveling to and want to rent a car or scooter, you should also find out whether there is a international driving licence is required. You can also apply for this at your office with your normal driver's license.

With my packing list, you shouldn't forget any important things in the future. The best thing to do is to print out the appropriate version immediately and plan your next vacation. You do not yet know where to go? Then click through my city trips and package tours and sign up for my deal alert or newsletter. So you always get the latest deals directly on your smartphone.