Well which country rules Australia

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Official name:
Commonwealth of Australia
Australian dollar
25.3 million
National holiday:
January 26th, Australia Day
"Down under"

The country of Australia has the same name as the continent on which it is located. It is the sixth largest country on earth and is located in the southern hemisphere of the globe. Because the country is "below" on the globe, it is also called "down under". The island of Tasmania and other smaller archipelagos also belong to Australia.

Planned capital

The largest city is called Sydney. She is famous for her opera house, which looks like an open shell.
The capital of Australia is Canberra and has a good 400,000 inhabitants. From there, the prime minister governs - democratically elected. The Queen of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth II, is the head of state of Australia. Because although the country has been independent since 1901, it is still a monarchy.
By the way: The capital Canberra was planned by an architect. In terms of size and importance, Melbourne or Sydney should have become capital. But since one could not agree on one of the cities, Canberra was created.

The aborigines

The English navigator James Cook landed with his sailing ship in Australia in 1770 and took possession of the newly discovered continent for England. The population living there called the first European immigrants - as they do today - "Aborigines", which means "native people". The original Australians had neither villages nor other permanent settlements. They moved across the country, like nomads. Their ethnic group, which is divided into different tribes with different languages, now numbers around half a million people.

Land of diversity

Some of the most famous animals in the country include kangaroos, koalas and the ratites emus. But there are also crocodiles, dingoes and many other animals that you cannot find here. The landscape of Australia is also very diverse: the famous coral reef "Great Barrier Reef" off the northeast coast, desert inland with the famous red rock hill "Uluru", which is also called "Ayers Rock", swamps, eucalyptus forests and steppes. The unique nature is certainly one of the reasons why Australia is a very popular immigration country and attracts many holidaymakers every year.

Life in australia

Although life in Australia is actually comparable to ours, there are some differences. It almost never snows there, especially not at Christmas. Because in our cold months it is summer in Australia. Not all children go to school either. Because many areas of the country are so sparsely populated that the nearest schools are kilometers away. That is why there are school lessons on the Internet. The time as a British colony has left its mark: rugby and cricket, for example, are the main sports and cars drive on the left-hand side of the road.