What do some unconventional entrepreneurs advise

How an entrepreneur uses scout virtues in leadership

What role does the company's management style play as an instrument against the shortage of skilled workers?

A big. Employees can no longer be retained with a high salary alone. A good working atmosphere and, above all, appreciation by the supervisor are becoming increasingly important. Many of our employees are friends with colleagues and therefore also spend time together privately. This is good for the mood at work and creates a bond. That's why we also promote it. So we always offer joint excursions, such as a canoe trip.


Your leadership style is rather unusual. Does it go down well with everyone?

The feedback from employees is consistently positive. Nobody has left us since our company was founded three years ago - and that in an industry with a comparatively high fluctuation. Of course, there are also people who have a problem with flat hierarchies. In job interviews we are repeatedly asked which job titles - such as Senior Consultant - we can give the applicant. We do not use such titles as a matter of principle. Instead, we explain what role we can envision for the candidate. So, for example, whether it is planned that he will lead a project. This goes down well with many applicants. But we also lost one or the other because we didn't want to give them a job title. But that's the way it is - then you just don't fit together.