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Taylor Swift: picture in the wedding dress raises questions

After Taylor Swift has already released a Corona album, the next one will follow shortly before her 31st birthday: "Evermore" and the promo picture raises several questions.

Taylor Swift, 30, continues to be kissed by the muse during the pandemic: Today, Thursday, the musician announced that tomorrow, Friday, December 11th, the sister album to "Folklore" will be released. With a harmless Instagram post, she really just wanted to thank her team and trigger gasps in her fans. The reason for this: Taylor Swift wears a vintage wedding dress.

Taylor Swift posts a picture with her wedding dress

Taylor Swift is known to incorporate private influences into her songs, which is why every new song is carefully scrutinized. A picture from the set of the music video "Willow" shows the singer kneeling in a wonderful vintage wedding dress. A delicate flower headband adorns her hair, for many fans an indication that the singer has married her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, 29.

The speculation about the picture even goes so far that it is not surprising for some fans if the couple already have a daughter together with the name "Willow". The couple has been dating since the summer of 2016, but a wedding has not been confirmed and looks unlikely despite wedding dress postings.

All information about Taylor Swift's new album

From midnight on there is now an unexpected look-up: "Evermore". The standard edition contains 15 tracks, the physical deluxe edition has two bonus tracks. A video for the new song "Willow" will also be released at midnight. "To be clear, we just couldn't stop writing songs," said the singer in one of three Instagram posts about the new album. "About it To put it more poetically, it felt like we were standing on the edge of the folkloric forest and had the choice to turn around and go back or to travel further into the forest of this music. "They chose the latter - an approach that was new to Swift who have seen all of their albums so far as closed chapters.

This time it is more of a continuation: According to the tracklist, Bon Iver alias Justin Vernon (39) is also part of a song. The new bands are The National and Haim, who also play one song each. The timing of the release also has a private background, as Swift explains, who turns 31 on December 13: "I've been looking forward to turning 31 since I was 13 because it's my lucky number backwards." For this special birthday, she wanted to give something back to her fans. "I also know that this time will be lonely for most of us." She turns to music to deal with missing loved ones - the album is for those who do the same.


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