Can artificial diamonds be processed into precious stones?

What are industrial diamonds?

How can you distinguish industrial diamonds from real diamonds and what are industrial diamonds anyway? What are they used for? And are they just as expensive as real diamonds? Diamonds are not only used in the jewelry industry, but also in the manufacture of various machines and tools.

What are industrial diamonds?

The so-called industrial diamonds are not real gemstones, butartificiallyindustrially produced diamonds.

Industrial diamonds do not grow to their beauty like real diamonds over many years in the ground, but they are produced by an artificial process.

While real diamonds take many years to grow, industrial diamonds only take ita few weeks. This already shows that industrial diamonds can never be worth as much as real gemstones.

How do you distinguish industrial diamonds from real diamonds?

The eyes are fooled by industrial diamonds. So you think at first glance that the diamonds are real. You cannot tell the difference with the naked eye. For this reason, experts use so-called spectroscopy to check the authenticity of diamonds.

If the diamond is not genuine and therefore ignoble, it is referred to as diamond dust or bord.Industrial diamonds and real gemstones are also used for different purposes.

Where do real diamonds come from?

Real diamonds grow naturally in the earth at a depth of over 100 kilometers. For this reason, real diamonds are often only discovered by chance, for example in old dams or when drilling tunnels.

The color of the diamonds is influenced by various factors. Among other things through the place of discovery, the transport, the processing of the stones and through the temperature. The temperature can change the color of a diamond. The purer a diamond, the more valuable it is. Real diamonds are commonly used in the jewelry industry, while industrial diamonds have other uses.

What are industrial diamonds used for?

The man-made diamonds are usually only used for industrial purposes. For example, for research or to make tools from it.

After all, diamonds are considered to be the hardest material in the world. So they are perfect for grinding work. Diamond grinding wheels, for example, are available in the hardware store. Surgical tools can also be made from man-made diamonds. Jewelry can also be made from industrial diamonds.

Jewelry with fake diamonds can hardly be seen with the naked eye. So industrial diamonds are just as pretty to look at. But they are not as valuable as their real role models and are accordingly much cheaper. So whether a diamond is real or not can only be found out with the help of spectroscopy, right?

Recognize real diamonds

If you want to be absolutely sure that your diamonds are real, you should visit a trusted jeweler. However, there are also some tests anyone can do at home to find out if they own a real diamond.

In the so-called fog test, you breath on the diamond. If the supposed gemstone remains steamed up for a few seconds, it is probably an industrial diamond. If the diamond becomes clear immediately, it is, in all probability, a real diamond.Real diamonds repel heat, which is why the gemstone remains clear when you breathe on it.