Why did you choose TCS

A look behind the scenes of a TCS group tour

How is a group trip organized properly? In this article we take you behind the scenes of our trips - from planning to implementation.

Discover a passionate team who work tirelessly and learn some of the secrets that lie behind the unique atmosphere of traveling with TCS. Are you ready to take a look behind the curtain and find out all there is to know about organizing a TCS group tour?

How do we choose our travel destinations?

Every journey begins with an idea. In order to find the right goals that appeal to existing and new customers, we take inspiration from three different sources.

First of all there is the Berlin tourism fair ITB where the latest trends can be found. Thanks to the fair, we can regularly introduce you to new countries such as Iran or Colombia, which are on the rise as popular destinations.

Our second source of inspiration is our travelers themselves. We always have an open ear for the wishes of our customers. We really appreciate your feedback. They are an important part of our planning. For example, we have been offering trips to Japan since 2005 (Link to Japan). The demand is still unbroken. In the meantime we also have a “Secret Japan” trip (which connects the secret Japan trip) on offer so that our travelers can deepen their visit to this wonderful country.

The third source for choosing our goals are the preferences of our employees. We choose travel destinations based on trends and comments, but also based on the intuition of our travel professionals.

What is the secret of our programs?

The cornerstone of any group travel planning is our quality charter. It applies to every phase of preparation, including the program. It comprises more than four pages and is based on the vast experience of our team. Every trip must meet all the conditions set out in the quality charter. So we can high quality stay for our tour groups guarantee.

At the ITB in Berlin, we take the opportunity to meet specialists from local agencies in the target destinations. This includes experts from the relevant regions who show us options for activities, hotels, restaurants, travel routes and much more.

We develop our program in close cooperation with these local specialists. It is crucial that we share the same philosophy. This point is not negotiable! Our customers have the highest priority. When we travel together, there is a certain familiarity among people. That is why we choose our service providers extremely carefully.

Our employees then examine the entire program:

  • The travel time between two stages must not be too long, so that our travelers have time to take photos, discuss, etc.
  • Activities must be designed so that they do not last too long (standing too long, staying too long in the heat, etc.)
  • Hotels: Checking the room size, smoker / non-smoker, location, etc.

Working with our customers is very important to us. In order to optimize our programs, we are happy to include feedback from our customers - as we do when selecting our travel destinations. The TCS tour guide is the first point of contact who receives information on site. Upon their return, all travelers will receive a form with which they can share their experiences.

How do you choose the best excursions and activities?

For the Organization of the activities we use the specialized knowledge of the local reception offices. You choose the most important sights and know those places that are really worth visiting.

In order to increase the travel comfort, we prefer stages with several consecutive overnight stays in the same place. In this way, we avoid our travelers being burdened with unnecessary luggage transport and give them more time to visit places off the beaten track. Finally they are there to enjoy your vacation in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

At TCS Reisen, we design our tours as if they were intended for our friends or for ourselves. That's why we lay Great emphasis on the attractive design of our leisure programs. Here, too, the focus is on working with a trustworthy local partner. The key is to have a rigorous selection of available activities and one systematic review of the ideal visiting and travel times. Our goal is to offer optimal visiting times and to create a balanced trip. The knowledge of our team is essential for this.

The choice of accommodation for a tour group

We have the same requirements for accommodation as for all other areas of our trips. Our quality standards require a careful selection of the most suitable hotels.

Here, too, the close relationship with our customers enables us to know their expectations.

Thanks to the close relationship with our customers, we know which ones Expectations of our travels.

The local agency we work with makes a pre-selection that our team carefully examines before determining the most suitable accommodation.

The key in organizing a group tour

Right from the start we decided to design our trips with the customer in mind and in the spirit of a TCS club culture. That means that you as a customer also before departure all-round care become.

For example, you will receive a form with which you can inform us about allergies, dietary restrictions or the use of medication. In this way, everyone who is affected by food intolerance can get an adapted meal in restaurants without having to worry about it all the time. We take care of all entry formalities for destinations that require a visa.

Since the People at the heart of our vision of group travel a head of TCS Reisen has been present from the start since leaving Switzerland. He is available to answer questions, guide, and bring the group together. The leader is there to make every step of the journey easier. In other words, traveling with us means to travel calm and in a good mood. That makes all the difference when you travel with TCS on the way.

What does Swiss quality mean when organizing a group trip abroad?

Swiss quality plays an important role when you decide on a TCS trip. We are a well-known brand that has been leading the Swiss around the world for more than 120 years. In view of the recent, sometimes massive, bankruptcies of major providers in the tourism sector, we are one Guaranteed security. When you travel with TCS, you entrust your holiday budget to a renowned Swiss company.

Swiss quality is also reflected in the great care with which we plan the details of our trips. Whether Swiss-German or French-speaking, we know exactly what our customers expect.

How long does it take to prepare for a group trip?

Organizing a group trip with such high demands takes time. It takes between 6 and 18 months from destination selection to completion.

This may sound like a long time - but it is the time it takes to take into account all of the above-mentioned elements that make up a high quality travel program to guarantee. What we haven't mentioned yet: It is a huge pleasure to have these trips prepared by a passionate team that really focuses on the wellbeing of the customer.

If the trip is advertised on our website, the work is not over. Our specialists test the tour regularly. The route will be checked again on site. This also enables us to get in contact with loyal customers, which they appreciate as much as we do!

In short: We design the entire program with our customers in mind. That is why we rely on partnerships with local specialists who have excellent knowledge of the country or region. But that's not all: The human aspect is our top priority, which is why we only work with partners who share our philosophy.

Making this selection well is one of the greatest strengths of our experienced team.