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Trekking bikes 2021 put to the test: purchase advice and evaluation

We have been looking forward to that for a long time. The tension increases a little with each passing day. What will the day bring, what will the next year bring? This is how it is for us every time the Eurobike starts and finally reveals everything that is new for the next season. This is how it goes with a birthday or the upcoming Christmas and also with New Year's Eve. Maybe you even feel the same way with the Megatest booklet. We would be happy! And like every year, you always know a little bit beforehand what to expect. Some gifts that you get, or one or the other change that is coming up in the next year. And we too - you as attentive readers - already largely know what to expect in 2021. This is of course due to the fact that the year is no longer that young. And that's why, despite the unusual Eurobike, most of the innovations are already through. At least digitally. Because with this mega test we are literally experiencing the new bikes for the first time and can really try them out. The trekking bike section is also a good view of what is on offer, a focused section.

Trekking bikes put to the test: Focused section

And that's why there is something for everyone. From beginners and less solvent customers to upper-class bikes for well-filled accounts or savings socks.

The difference is important in that if quality is important to you, you can also save on it. Anyone who buys a bike like the Falkenjagd with its titanium frame and Pinion gears can be assured of the highest quality with the corresponding durability and longevity.

Trekking bikes in the mega test 2021

DynamicsMagic Eight SL Disc test letter744 euros1.9 - Good
ProphetExplorer 20.BTT.10 test letter769 euros2.2 - Good
R RaymonTourRay 4.0799 euros1.6 - Very good
VictoriaTrekking 4.7 test letter799 euros1.6 - Very good
diamond018 test letter849 euros1.6 - Very goodBuying tip
CompelXRC 1000999 euros1.7 - Good
diamondRubin Legere test letter999 euros1.4 - very goodPrice-performance
GiantToughRoad SLR EX1266 euros1.5 - Very good
MorrisonS 7.0 test letter1349 euros1.5 - Very good
VSF FahrradmanufakturT-700 test letter1799 euros1.4 - very good
my boomy Yonso test letter4199 euros1.6 - Very good
Falcon huntingHoplite Pi Randonneur test letter8765 euros1.2 - Very goodBuying tip

With the Megatest 2021, Fahrrad 1-2 / 2021 offers the largest bike comparison test of the year. Here you can order the issue as a print magazine or e-paper.

I allow myself this freedom

Challenging price

Quality at a high price is relatively easy to achieve. But of course it requires enough brainpower, ideas and skill to do it properly. Nevertheless: In the low price sector, the challenges are almost greater. It is true that the claim is usually different. But here we won and kept the masses of customers. If it doesn't quite fit, it doesn't bother everyone, but it does bother some.

The relatively inexpensive trekking bikes in the test, roughly from 800 euros, are not entirely convincing in all details. But none of them are really bad either. The Prophet has the greatest restrictions with only one frame size. For this, it even offers two luggage racks and - simple - luggage carrier bags at its low price. So you already have the basic equipment for your first or simple adventure.

The Diamant 018 stands out from the other inexpensive bikes. It shows where quality can be found in a cheap bike. Namely in the frame. Now, 849 euros is not a little - the prices have actually risen significantly. You can tell from the supposedly cheap equipment - and the technology is partly simple, but partly also great, like the smooth-running, puncture-proof gravel tire. With the stable and high-quality, suspension fork-compatible frame, you have a very solid basis for further personal developments and technical upgrades. In addition, the 018 feels at home as a trekking bike, cross bike and city bike, making it a real ATB, i.e. all-terrain bike.

The fact that it is not rated significantly better than the other equally good and very good bikes is due to the attachments, such as a fork that is too tight or a hooked gearshift. Anyone who ignores this, as I said, has a sustainable starting position. Details such as the cable routing are also neatly solved. The solution looks even more elegant on the Victoria, which is about the same price, with the cover under the down tube. Giant does a similar thing with the more expensive ToughRoad, whose plastic cover is also intended as impact protection.

The largest group test in 2021: 41 bicycles in the test - now in the Cycling 1-2 / 2021. Here you can order the issue as an e-paper or print magazine!

From crossing borders

Similar to the 018, the Giant is a cross-border commuter. Once a trekking touring bike with its luggage racks, then suitable for everyday use and also a veritable cross bike - obviously if you screwed away everything unnecessary. It is something like the trekking version of the gravel bike and therefore a very exciting concept that has not just been on the market since yesterday.

A great, slim wheel is the Rubin Legere, also from Diamant. It is very light, agile, athletic and not overly hard. It marks the fluid border between urban bike and trekking bike. The large chainring is striking. It is due to the 1 × 11 circuit. The reduced principle has been successfully established in the mountain bike sector for a while, because it is light - fewer parts - and the shifting itself is disentangled.

Bamboo trekking bikes

We don't want to go unmentioned the my Yonso by my Boo. It is one of the few bikes with a bamboo frame on the market and the only one in the test. A certain skepticism towards thick grass as a material is understandable, but not at all appropriate. The bikes from the young company from Kiel have long since established themselves successfully and rightly, as this test shows.

You can read a detailed portrait here. This also includes how my Boo is socially sustainable in Ghana. This is only an excerpt from this test. You can find out in detail how the wheels work on the following pages.

Trekking bikes in the test: conclusion

Not everything that rolled into the test here is new. In individual cases nothing changes on the bike, only on the price - upwards. Other wheels have been revised in parts or they are completely new models. In any case, it was a pleasure for us to welcome the coming year in the saddle.

And even if Eurobike is canceled this year and you will probably have to wait a little longer for your favorite bike, you can definitely look forward to the coming cycling year!

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