What are guys doing that impresses you

Boys really like these 5 THINGS!


Boys like individual girls!

Yes! The more unique you are, the cooler the boys think it is. The guys immediately notice an unusual outfit or a crazy musical genre! Nobody likes going with the flow and not just doing your own thing. Do not hide your special features, but be proud of them and show them to everyone! You only exist once in this world and that is exactly your superpower!


Score with humor

If you don't take yourself too seriously and can laugh at yourself from time to time, you will immediately score points with pretty much every boy! Nothing is worse when a girl is immediately taken aback when a cheeky saying is cut out. But you don't just have to accept everything, because when guys think something is really cool, then it is when a girl can counter cheeky! So in the end both have something to laugh about!


You dare!

Be brave and dare to say what you think! Under no circumstances should you allow yourself to be hidden or intimidated. Say your opinion! Self-confidence and their own opinion, impress the boys! #Girlpower


Be open!

Of course, you don't have to tell your crush about your entire life on the first date. It is important that you are not too shy, ask him curious questions and are open to things yourself. Then you will definitely have a lot of fun. The perfect combination is to be interested and curious, but also a little mysterious. You don't want your dream boy to know everything important about you after the first date! 😉


Stay true to you!

It is an absolute no-go to pretend! In no case should you bend over to please a boy. If you want to impress your crush, be yourself. Because over time, it will get way too taxing to be someone you really aren't. It's much nicer to be loved for who you are and you don't have to pretend to be someone else!


Everyone knows these things! Check out the video here!