How do you say grandparents in Tagalog

Romania: In Romania the children say Bunica (spoken: boo-nee-ka).

Italy: Nonna. Traditionally in Italy the firstborn sons are named after the grandfather on the father's side. The second-born son then gets the name of his maternal grandfather. It is done similarly with the girls: But then it is the first names of the grandmothers.

Greece: Yaya (pronounced yah-yah). The Greeks live in large families. It is common for three generations to live under one roof. The youngsters move out at the latest when they get married.

Belgium: In Flemish, children say bomma (they speak bo-ma).

Japan: There children say Oba-chan or Sobo (they speak oh-bah-chan and soh-boh). Traditionally, grandparents live with the eldest son in the family. They are also looked after by his family.

Philippines: In the Filipino language, Lola is said to grandma (it is spoken low-lah).

Cambodia: In the Khmer language, one says Yeay to grandma. It's just pronounced yay.

United States of America: In the USA one speaks classically of the granny, but one also speaks Hawaiian! And there they say tutu or kuku - the latter is spoken coo-coo.

Israel: In Hebrew, the children say Savta (pronounced soft-tah) to their grandmothers.

Ireland: In Ireland Gaelic is spoken in addition to English. There the children say Maimeó (pronounced mam-o) to their grandmothers.

Peru: In Peru they speak a modified Spanish and say “Abuela” to Grandma (they speak ah-bway-la).

South Korea: Halmoni (one speaks hal-muh-nee) means “grandma” there. Incidentally, a person's 60th birthday is celebrated really big.

Russia: In Russia, grandma is called babushka (pronounced bah-boosh-kah).

Brazil: In Brazil they speak Portuguese, then grandma is called Avó (they speak ah-vah).

Australia: English is the official language in Australia. That is why it is called Grandma there, in a very classic way. But “Nanna” is also used.

Kenya: In the Swahili language, grandma is called “Bibi” (pronounced bee). In Kenya, a newborn baby is often named after a deceased family member so that the deceased is not forgotten.

Morocco: Arabic is spoken in Morocco. That's why grandma is called Jiddah (shid-dah) there.

India: Many languages ​​are spoken in India. One of them is Telugu and grandma is called Awa (pronounced ah-wah).

Laos: In Loas, grandmother means Pog (pahg) - that is the Hmong language.

France: Grand-mére means grandma in French.