How can I successfully reinvent myself

If you want to be successful today, you have to reinvent yourself again and again

Making a career choice, completing an apprenticeship and then sticking to it for a lifetime - that was yesterday. Dynamic developments in the economic framework and on the labor market are increasingly blurring the clear boundaries between employees, employers and those in work.

Atypical employment relationships, new self-employed persons as well as the increasing number of one-person businesses (EPU) and small businesses shape the current economic reality, not only in Austria.

New media, which increasingly require networked thinking and communication, contribute to the dynamism of this development.


The necessity of lifelong learning is supplemented by the necessity of ongoing consistent self-positioning in an environment in which everyone communicates with each other permanently. Anyone who does not constantly present themselves according to the requirements of the market is quickly forgotten and remains outside.

Continuous, classic careers are becoming rare

Against this background, continuous, classic careers are increasingly becoming the exception. Working life today demands constant adaptations and occasional new starts - age plays an increasingly less important role in this. Modern careers succeed on the basis of good ideas, entrepreneurial flair, smart networking, mutual exchange of knowledge, exhaustion of (communication) technical possibilities and a lived work-life balance.

Port41 was founded in order to create a contact point for this exchange and to grow together to meet these requirements.

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