What kind of shoes does Nike sell

Nike: Distribution of shoe production by country 2020

Published by M. Hohmann, December 8th, 2020
Asia - Nike's shoe factory. In 2020 alone, around half of the Nike brand's sports shoes and sneakers were manufactured in Vietnam.

Where are Nike shoes made?

Almost all of the production of Nike shoes has been relocated abroad. Lower costs for the production of shoes are important for the choice of location for the suppliers. Nike mainly produces sports shoes in Asia: Vietnam, Indonesia and China are the three largest production countries. These production sites comprise more than 90 percent of the total shoe production of the US sporting goods manufacturer based in Beaverton (Oregon).

Where are Nike clothing made?

Similar to shoe production, Nike clothing is mainly manufactured in Asia. Vietnam, China and Cambodia are the main production countries for Nike sportswear. Together, these three countries account for almost two thirds of Nike's total apparel production.

Distribution of the production of Nike sports shoes worldwide by country in 2020

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