What's your favorite swear word and why

M….! The French favorite swear word

“Merde” is probably the most popular swear word in France. However, the French also use the word to wish someone luck. Why actually? And how else do they swear and curse like that?

Is really house-trained Merde(Shit, crap) not exactly, but in everyday language it no longer shocks anyone. The word isn't quite as vulgar as Putain (Hooker), which many young French people use as a frequent filler word. Merde can also not only express anger, but also have a positive meaning.

Wish someone “Merde”

French people wish each other with a hearty Merde good luck with an exam or before an appearance. This custom comes from from the 19th centurywhen wealthy theatergoers drove to the theater by horse and cart. All other spectators had to trudge through the horse manure on their way to the theater. If you wanted to wish an actor a lot of success, you wished him a lot of “Merde”, because the more manure was dragged in on the shoes, the more visitors there were!

Well-behaved swearing in French:

Allotment: darn (pretty old fashioned)
Minceor mince alors: Damn it
Sacrebleu: Heavenly Sacrament (completely out of date!)
Saperlipopette: sapperlot (don't say in the presence of young people ;-)
Flute: cursed
La vache: dear! (literally: the cow)
La barbe: That's enough! (literally: the beard)
Bon sang: My goodness
Nom d’une pipe ornom d’un chien: heck again
Punaiseor puree: concealing kind, putain to say without putting the word directly in your mouth (similar to Window paste in German)
J’en ai ras le bol: I'm fed up with it

Real swear words (gros mots):

Enfoiré: Dumbass!
Bordel de merde: Heaven, ass and thread!
Source connerie: Nonsense!
Dégage / Casse-toi !: Pull the leash, fuck off!
Ta gueule: Shut up!
Rien à foutre: don't give a shit my business
Fils de turkey: Son of a bitch
Gros con: asshole
Bouffon: Fool, stupid sack
Salopeor pouffiasse: Bitch, goat, snipe

Image: CC / Tomithy Vollner (top left)

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