Why is a diamond called a diamond

Gem etiquette from Prof. Leopold Rössler

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Rhombus Synonym: Occurring primarily with diamonds = diamond diamond.

W. and H: Also called rose. Occurs in different shapes. The typical diamond is pyramidal and has no lower part. Other diamond or rose cuts can be: the Antwerp or Dutch rose. All of these stone cuts are without a base, that is, they are mirrored or coated in the jewelry. For the goldsmith, this means, especially when repairing old pieces of jewelry, that he has to set such stones. This is not always possible - for various reasons - therefore any influence of the soldering flame must be avoided. In old jewelry, the foils are usually made of lead or tin. This means that the precious metal suffers when exposed to heat. In addition, any exposure to acids must be avoided. Ultrasonic cleaning as well. The word "diamond" primarily refers to a stone cut rather than a mineral. A diamond for additions is not always easy to obtain, especially because these stone cuts are not calibrated.

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