Where are Bulova watches made

Bulova watches - quality and high-quality workmanship

Bulova watches look back on a long tradition of high quality craftsmanship. The brand manages to combine current trends and developments with a touch of nostalgia without any problems. The watches meet the highest standards in terms of design, workmanship and reliability and, thanks to various collections, offer something for every taste.

Bulova watches - who is behind the brand?

The Bulova watches began in Lower Manhattan in 1870 when an immigrant realized his American dream with a small watch shop. At the beginning of the 20th century, demand had risen so sharply that J. Bulova moved the manufacture of his watches to a factory in Switzerland. A few years later, the first men's wristwatches were created, which were set with jewels. Bulova watches set the standards for international markets very early on. In the course of the last century, the Bulova watches made a name for themselves in other areas, for example in cooperation with NASA or as part of Airforce One. Today Bulova is still known for its high-quality watches and, thanks to special models, regularly causes storms of enthusiasm among connoisseurs.

Product examples from Bulova

Bulova watches are divided into different product categories and are based on a masculine lifestyle in all its possible variants. The "Military", "Sea King" and "Marine Star" categories are likely to appeal to sporty men who value high functionality. Clear lines, helpful designs and gimmicks, and dark colors go well with an active life. Those who place more value on classic design and appealing design should concentrate on the products of the "Diamond" line, which are almost filigree and combine cool elegance with a sexy look. But Bulova watches also offers the right thing for nostalgic people: The "Bulova Accutron II" refers to the first models that were manufactured at the beginning of the 20th century.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bulova watches

The advantages of Bulova watches are definitely their high quality and high-quality workmanship. Swiss precision craftsmanship has an excellent connection with selected raw materials, so that the result is not just a simple timepiece. Rather, each Bulova watch is a small work of art in its own right, both from a craft and an aesthetic point of view. The opening of production with a view to an orientation towards women also earned the brand plus points. The ladies' watches are marketed under a different name. But the quality, workmanship and design of the watches from Caravelle New York definitely meet the high standards of Bulova watches. The question of the disadvantages of Bulova watches is very difficult to answer. The precision of the movement and the high-quality design leave nothing to be desired. In addition, the wide range of collections ensures that every man can find something that suits his taste.


Smartwatches, cell phones and the like have not been able to replace the good old craftsmanship that goes into a wristwatch. Swiss watches have always been the epitome of high-quality wristwatches and, even in times of state-of-the-art technology, maintain the combination of nostalgia and timekeeping at the highest level. This also applies to the Bulova watches.

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