I could buy my first guitar online

buy guitar online or in store?

What bothers me when buying online is mostly the point that you can't compare anything.
I order a guitar and can then only use my own guitars for comparison (if you have some ..) and maybe 2-3 from some friends.
I think that's extremely restrictive.
and provokes things like: "my guitar sounds great and is great to play on" -> 2 months later: "have a new guitar, sounds much better and is easier to play on" -> 2 months later: ".. "-> etc etc

i'm the kind of guy who doesn't buy anything that he is not satisfied with in the long term.
and I'm bold enough in the shop to take the € 10,000 guitars in hand to see what sound and playability etc is possible at all.
and then I play a couple of guitars and afterwards I can say: "I like the one best"
but then you need a quick comparison of 10 guitars in a row.
you just didn't give that to online mailing, and that scares me off extremely.

now I'm lucky enough to have two relatively "large" music stores within a radius of less than half an hour by car (beyers and jellinghaus) and not everyone has that.
and so far i have bought all my equipment there and also benefit from the service. (I once had the feeling that my amp was noisy. They checked it out for free and since then it's gone. It was probably my imagination, maybe dust somewhere or something. But you can just drive by and don't have to worry about mail etc. shear)
But I also buy strings and picks on the internet, where they sometimes cost a third less, or I can't get my picks in the store.
then the price factor really plays a role. not with instruments.
at least for me, the sellers are good to deal with. I got my western guitar because of small blemishes in the wood 150 € cheaper than online. with my electric guitar I got a case on top of 80 €, which otherwise would not have been there etc.
it's all a matter of how to approach it. but for me the "everything is cheaper on the net" doesn't work.
the choice is greater. logical. but what good is a selection of 10,000 instruments if i don't know 5 of them, or can compare them .. that's really a game of chance.
Above all, the testing (if you are so bold and sometimes order 3-5 guitars to test) is only limited to the price range in which you want to buy.
And what my guitar teacher taught me when he was with me to buy my first guitar and for which I am still grateful to him today is:
you can't really judge the quality of an instrument as long as you don't know what is possible at all. anyone who only picks up instruments up to 500 € because they don't want to spend more is simply totally underinformed. Take a 5000 € guitar in your hand and play on it. then you at least know what to look out for when looking around in the sector where you want to buy.
it is not bad to buy a cheap instrument if you are aware of the compromises you have to make (always!), but I constantly experience that people (because they have no idea) allow themselves to be influenced so much by others and then at the end buy scrap.
and somehow you have to work through this experience. it doesn't come through reading forums or watching youtube videos.
therefore i like the "small" shops, because they give yourself the opportunity to get information, and on a much larger scale than a mail order business.