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Hypocrisy destroys relationships by deliberately deceiving the other. Even if one feigns a good motive, it remains a lie (for example, feigned joy in receiving a gift so as not to hurt the other).


What is the opposite of "hypocrisy"?

Hypocrites are mask wearers (in Greek the same word as "actor"). They pretend to deceive other people about their real goals and real character.

Read 1Peter 2: 1 and Matthew 6: 2, 5. How do Christians feel about hypocrisy?

1 Peter 2,1:

Matthew 6: 2, 5: Out of what desire do people live a sanctimonious life? Read again Matthew 6: 2 and also Galatians 2:13!

Matthew 6: 2:

Galatians 2:13:

Is there hypocrisy in your life? When do you wear a mask and play a role?

A hint: Today, with reference to Romans 12: 9 ("Love be un hypocritical"), a lot of thought is given about when love is "real". Christians listen inside and try to find out if they love with a “pure heart”. This form of motive research is unknown to the Bible. In my opinion, it leads to an exaggerated preoccupation with oneself and inhibits practical love.

I know too many Christians who, because of the sheer frustration of a self-diagnosed lack of ability to love, no longer learn practical love according to 1 Corinthians 13: 1ff. When Paul speaks of "uncharacteristic love", then he does not pursue every remorse or every little emotion, but rather asks about the things that he can judge with his intellect: Undisputed love is love that is not for one's own benefit. Undisputed love is practical love that loves because God puts a neighbor in my path who needs my love (Luke 10: 25-37).

Let's be sober! Our inner emotional life has too much to do with our hormones, the weather or the blood sugar level to be an objective basis for decisions. If we wait for our flesh to give its consent in practical loving, we are missing out on our calling! If we take every vague remorse seriously, we will not gain spiritual convictions (cf. Paul's advice to the weak in 1 Corinthians 10:24). Life change happens through action. From over 20 years of spiritual growth I can only give one tip: Do what the Bible says, no matter how you feel before! We are the good guys, the royal children with a renewed heart that wants to love (because it comes from God!). Let us proliferate with this pound!


Honesty, integrity, sincerity, etc.

Hypocrisy has no place in a Christian life. We don't need to play a role or pretend to others.

Hypocrisy arises either from the desire to impress and manipulate people or from fear of people.

It is often not so easy to get used to hypocrisy once again. A person who has put on a pious show for years will certainly not be praised by people (not even if they want to improve in the future) if they suddenly admit that they acted hypocritically. We know this is a difficult step, but the longer you live with hypocrisy, the harder it becomes to put the cards on the table and be honest.

At this point we would like to issue a warning: If you have always smiled at church services, for example, even though you may have been bored or tired, then don't let the frustration you have built up over the years gush out all at once. Speak the truth, but speak it with love (1 Corinthians 13).

THE NEW TERM: Disciple

The Bible uses the term “disciples” to refer to the followers of Jesus. In our language, a disciple is an apprentice or student. A disciple has a teacher from whom he wants to learn. And he does what his master says. A disciple of Jesus follows Jesus' example and does what Jesus tells him in the Bible.


Now write down the two Bible verses John 1: 1, 14 (verses 1 and 14) and Ephesians 2, 8, 9 (verses 8 and 9) and learn them by heart from today onwards. Review the verses you learned over the past two weeks! At the same time, keep a list of all Bible verses that you have already memorized or still want to memorize. As you read the Bible, ask God to point out scriptures that you should memorize.


Pray that your life will be about impressing the Lord Jesus first.