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Wedding anniversaries: An overview of all marriage anniversaries with significance

Everyone knows the silver or gold wedding. But when do married couples celebrate the crystal, steel or parsley wedding? We tell you which anniversaries are coming up on which wedding day.

How long have you been married? A year? A decade? Or maybe a quarter of a century? No matter how long you've been married: There is a reason to celebrate the wedding practically every year - on the wedding day.

The only question is: which anniversary is actually celebrated after how many years? We present the most common names of the respective wedding anniversaries and their meanings in a list. We also give tips on suitable gifts.

The names from the 0th to the 10th wedding anniversary

At the beginning of the marriage it is still "green behind the ears" (green wedding) to survive the darn seventh year (copper wedding). After ten years of marriage with all the thorns that married life has in store, the marriage is in full bloom (rose wedding).

0th wedding anniversary: ​​white or green wedding
White stands for purity and innocence, green for youth and fertility in marriage.

½. wedding day: Dream wedding
The couple is still on cloud nine and feels like in a dream.

1st wedding anniversary: ​​paper wedding or paper wedding
Paper stands for a marriage that is still thin and unwritten. A nice gift idea for the first wedding anniversary is a rose made of paper.

2. wedding day: Cotton wedding or cotton wedding
Cotton symbolizes the freshly used household linen such as tablecloths.

3. wedding day: Leather wedding or Leather wedding
Leather is considered tear-resistant and stands for an increasingly solid relationship. A beautiful leather belt, for example, is a suitable gift for this occasion.

4. wedding day: Silk wedding or silk wedding
Silk stands for high quality. Marriage has grown in value.

5. wedding day: Wooden Wedding or Wooden Wedding
Wood symbolizes growth and stability in marriage - but it is easily combustible. In some regions, a childless marriage is also referred to as the ox wedding - oxen are castrated male cattle.

6. wedding day: Sugar wedding
Sugar reflects the sweet side of marriage.

7. wedding day: Copper Wedding or Copper Wedding
Copper is considered a solid - albeit soft - metal and symbolizes malleability in marriage.

8. wedding day: Tin wedding or Tin wedding
Sheet metal stands for stability and durability in the relationship. Caution, risk of rust!

9. wedding day: Ceramic wedding
Ceramic is considered to be as resistant as the 9th year of marriage, but it does get a crack. An individually designed mug is a great gift idea for a ceramic wedding.

10. wedding day: Rose wedding
The blossom stands for the good marriages and the thorns of the rose stand for the bad.

That means the 11th to the 20th wedding anniversary

Parsley bouquet: Couples celebrate the parsley wedding on 12½. Anniversary of the wedding ceremony. (Source: CHROMORANGE / imago images)

The parsley and violet weddings are a bit out of line. Because: Most anniversaries from the 11th to the 20th wedding anniversary are named after precious metals such as nickel and materials such as steel and ceramics. The wedding anniversaries also owe their names to precious and semi-precious stones.

11th wedding anniversary: ​​Steel wedding or Steel wedding
Steel is hard and durable. The couple shows that they belong together.

12th wedding anniversary: ​​nickel wedding
Nickel is a highly resilient metal, comparable to a twelve-year marriage.

12½. Wedding day: parsley wedding
The further 12½ years until the silver is only achieved if wort comes into married life. Parsley seeds can be a funny gesture on this occasion.

13th wedding anniversary: ​​violet wedding
Anyone who reaches 13 years of marriage got away with a blue (violet) eye. If you like the scent of violets, you can give away a suitable eau de parfum, for example.

14th wedding anniversary: ​​ivory wedding
Ivory is precious and difficult to destroy - like a 14 year marriage.

15th wedding anniversary: ​​crystal wedding or crystal wedding
After 15 years of marriage, the broken crystal will be replaced.

16th wedding anniversary: ​​sapphire wedding
The blue gem stands for loyalty - this is proven by the 16-year marriage.

17th wedding anniversary: ​​orchid wedding
The marriage is just as long-lasting as an orchid and keeps developing its flowers. As a gift, the plant that gives it its name goes well with the orchid wedding.

18th wedding anniversary: ​​turquoise wedding
The semi-precious stone is considered a protective stone and is supposed to keep seduction away from marriage.

19th wedding anniversary:Mother-of-pearl wedding
The hard inner layer of pearl oysters grows slowly, just like marriage - and shimmers in multiple colors.

20th wedding anniversary: ​​porcelain wedding or porcelain wedding
Porcelain shines and is considered white gold, but - like marriage - remains fragile.

Names and meanings from 21st to 30th wedding anniversary

Pearl necklace: On the 30th anniversary, spouses celebrate the pearl wedding. (Source: Steinach / imago images)

To celebrate a quarter of a century of marriage, the jubilant couple is adorned with silver wreaths (silver wedding anniversary). After 30 years, the numerous years of marriage are lined up like pearls on a chain (pearl wedding). Before and in between, the names of the wedding anniversaries go back to gemstones (jade, opal), fabrics (satin, velvet) or a metal (titanium).

21st wedding anniversary: ​​opal wedding
The ancient Romans called the opal the "stone of love and hope" - for a good marriage.

22nd wedding anniversary: ​​bronze wedding or bronze wedding
The extremely durable and stable alloy stands for the high resistance after 22 years of marriage.

23rd wedding anniversary: ​​Titan wedding
Titanium is an extremely durable, rustproof precious metal and symbolizes durability.

24th wedding anniversary: ​​satin wedding
The shiny upper side of the high-quality woven fabric represents the marriage that continues to gain in value.

25th wedding anniversary:Silver wedding or silver wedding
Silver is the second most precious metal after gold and symbolizes the stability of value in marriage. Elegant silver earrings are a nice gift idea for this occasion.

26th wedding anniversary:Jade wedding
In esotericism, jade is a protective stone. In marriage he should protect the partner from problems.

27th wedding anniversary:Mahogany wedding
The very noble but slowly growing wood stands for continuity.

28th wedding anniversary:Carnation wedding
The flower is a symbol of sincere affection and love - not normal after 28 years of marriage.

29th wedding anniversary:Velvet wedding
The soft and precious material stands for value in marriage.

30th wedding anniversary: ​​pearl wedding
The pearls, for example on a chain, symbolize the ups and downs of marriage.

This is the name of the anniversaries from the 31st to 40th wedding anniversary

Summer linden leaves: Spouses celebrate the linden wedding on the 31st anniversary of the wedding. (Source: Manfred Rucksackzio / imago images)

After 35 years of marriage, it used to be time to renew the so-called trousseau - the equipment for the household - (screen wedding). After 40 years of being married together, love still burns like fire, symbolized by the ruby ​​(ruby wedding).

31st wedding anniversary:Linden wedding
The linden tree with its heart-shaped leaves symbolizes conjugal love par excellence. If you like, you can plant a linden tree together in your garden on this occasion.

32nd wedding anniversary:Soap wedding
Soap stands for purity, i.e. a pure marriage with no secrets.

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33rd wedding anniversary:Pewter wedding or pewter wedding
Not only does tin need to be polished up from time to time, but marriage too.

33 ⅓. Wedding day:Garlic wedding
The healthy garlic bulb symbolizes the health in which the couple should still spend the marriage after a third of a century.

34th wedding anniversary:Amber wedding
Amber is the English term for amber. Its relationship to marriage is unknown, but a necklace with an amber pendant is a suitable gift for the occasion.

35th wedding anniversary:Burlap wedding or linen wedding
The material obtained from flax is considered tear-resistant and flexible and symbolizes 35 years of marriage.

36th wedding anniversary:Emerald wedding
The green gem stands for marital happiness, joy and success.

37th wedding anniversary:Malachite wedding
Malachite is considered a stone of hope, a lucky charm and a power stone that gives marriage new impulses.

37 ½. Wedding day:Aluminum wedding
Aluminum is a very light metal that won't rust - like a marriage after 37.5 years.

38th wedding anniversary:Fire wedding
Even after almost 40 years, the fire of love has not yet been extinguished.

39th wedding anniversary:Sun wedding
Although rain, sun and clouds alternate, in the end the sun has gained the upper hand in the relationship.

40th wedding anniversary:Ruby wedding or ruby ​​wedding
The red of the gem stands for the color of love, which is still there after 40 years.

The names from the 41st to 50th wedding anniversary

Lavender: The medicinal plant also stands for consent in love and is celebrated on the 46th anniversary of marriage. (Source: ZUMA Press / imago images)

Until half a century of marriage is properly celebrated with gold wreaths as jewelry (golden wedding), the partners celebrate nine anniversaries before that: Their importance goes back to trees and plants (birch, lavender), alloys (brass) or metals (lead).

41st wedding anniversary:Birch wedding
Just as the birch bark shimmers, marriage also shines symbolically when partners have been together for so long. With light trees in birch optics you make yourself a decorative delight on this occasion.

42nd wedding anniversary:Garnet wedding
The red color of the gem stands for love in marriage, after 42 years.

43rd wedding anniversary:Lead Wedding or Lead Wedding
Lead is considered a heavy, durable metal, just like marriage over the years.

44th wedding anniversary:Star wedding
Stars are considered romantic, so they symbolize the romance of marriage.

45th wedding anniversary:Brass wedding
The importance of the alloy for marriage is mainly derived from one property: extremely durable.

46th wedding anniversary:Lavender wedding
The plant not only helps against nervousness, but is also said to work as a love magic potion. Natural lavender oil is a nice treat for this wedding day.

47th wedding anniversary:Cashmere wedding
The very expensive and fine cashmere wool represents the high quality of marriage.

48th wedding anniversary: ​​diadem wedding or amethyst wedding
The purple semi-precious stone stands for honesty, humility and wisdom - qualities that are good for a marriage.

49th wedding anniversary:Cedar wedding or cedar wedding
The cedar wood is very durable and indicates the consistency in the 49-year marriage.

50th wedding anniversary:Golden wedding
Fifty years of marriage are as permanent as the precious metal gold. On this occasion, you can give away a gold necklace with a heart pendant.

The meanings of the 51st to 60th wedding anniversary

Bust of Zeus: The god of Greek mythology and father of gods gives his name to the 54th anniversary of marriage. (Source: ITAR-TASS / imago images)

Up to the 60th year of marriage, in which the partners celebrate the diamond wedding, both celebrate five more anniversaries that have different meanings: The wedding anniversaries go back to trees (willow), gemstones (topaz) or gods (Zeus).

51st wedding anniversary:Wicker wedding
A married life should be as pliable and flexible as a willow branch: Then the partnership lasts for a long time.

52nd wedding anniversary:Topash wedding
In marriage, the gem symbolizes loyalty and resistance to external influences.

53rd wedding anniversary:Uranium wedding
The metal uranium takes its name from the planet Uranus. Uranium was previously used to color glass and ceramics.

54th wedding anniversary:Zeus wedding
The Greek god was married to Hera, patron goddess of marriage. A 54-year marriage is therefore considered divine.

55th wedding anniversary:Platinum wedding
In addition to gold, platinum is one of the most sought-after precious metals, which stands for consistency in marriage.

60th wedding anniversary: ​​diamond wedding or diamond wedding
The marriage, which has lasted for 60 years, is as everlasting as a diamond.