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# 020 - never define your success statically!

From my point of view at the time, I achieved everything in my early 30s. I was the managing director of a company with 200 employees, had a successful media company, was able to travel, had a nice apartment, etc ... and suddenly dissatisfaction and an emptiness broke out in me.

I had completely wrongly defined success for myself.

Maybe you should also listen to episode 2 if you haven't done that yet ... it also revolves around what, in my opinion, is necessary to be successful. Today I want to talk a little bit about what success in itself means to me.

Success: something follows action.

Success is not static.

Many think there is success up there and overlook the fact that success comes in many facets and nuances. Ultimately, everyone defines their own personal success. What is success for you? Do you know that?

I was an only child, my mother was a single parent. Saleswoman with debts from my father for which she vouched as a "good" wife.

For me at that time nothing was more important than getting out of this situation.

At the time I didn't understand how stressful it was for my mother. And I am very grateful to her for that today.

But then I was dissatisfied.

Dissatisfied with the clothes I was wearing. Unsatisfied with the place where we lived. Dissatisfied with school.

And I rebelled against all of this ... but not in the form that I took drugs or the like, but in that I developed a corresponding ego.

I already knew then that I wanted to become self-employed ... as an employee you are limited!

And that's what I did after graduating from high school ... at 19 my first company

and then on ... until I became CEO of a company in my early 30s that I took over with 30 employees and expanded to 200 ...

was that a success?

For me yes! and suddenly I was satisfied ... and that slows me down.

And then I learned that success is not static.

Because my old childhood goals didn't or no longer felt like success with my current knowledge.

The dissatisfaction grew ... slowly ... too slowly ... that paralyzed.

I didn't understand that when I was in my early 30s.

20-30 I first had to learn how to keep money

30-40 I first had to learn that satisfaction and success are different states.

I also often find that many believe that there is limited success. This automatically raises the idea of ​​having a couple. And others don't. The great thing about success is that everyone can have it. Theoretically also every 7 or 8 billion that we are currently on this earth. There is no such thing as limited success.

Everyone defines their personal success.

I devoured a lot of books in my 20s and then recorded a lot of them in my journals ... at some point it stopped ... And when I got more dissatisfied ... I realized that I had suddenly only read 1-2 books a year ... so I have that radically changed ...

Today I always have a good 150 books in front of me that I have not yet read. I have an annual goal of 100 books that I want to create per year. And no, in case you're wondering if and when I can do it. No, I can't do it!

In the last few years I've come across an average of 60 books, plus seminars, online courses, podcasts, etc.

60 books… are far more than the 1-2 books from the years before. And that's about me too. 100 books is high enough for me to at least try to achieve that goal. And whether it's 60, 70 or 50 doesn't really matter to me.

Through my podcast, which you are currently listening to, I also get to so many people and can ask them questions - that I am an additional shortcut to be able to work on my success.

What does success mean to me?

On the one hand, these are goals ... e.g. I have a bucket list ... with currently 86 points on it ... on my bucket list are things like places I want to visit ... where I want to be active with my company ... with whom I would like to record a joint podcast episode, etc.

To cross off points on this list and to add new ones ... yes that is success for me.

First of all, to replace them with new ones. This realization is a success for me. Because I've learned and learned that when the list is suddenly empty ... that life is beautiful ... but somehow suddenly empty.

For me, success is moving forward. Help others get ahead themselves. Above all, I have felt this thought more and more over the last few years that this is important to me.

For me, success means getting a little better every day. To achieve excellence in what you do. And above all to keep getting further.

And by that I don't mean that you can't take a deep breath ... I also have phases where I don't want to make any progress. But since I noticed for myself that I have more energy when I actively shape the day than when I chill for a day on the couch - that I feel better afterwards, these phases have become rare.

Nature not only shows us how to do it. She is the epitome of constant change. It never stops. Our world is always turning. Day and night. She does not take a break. The season cycle runs and changes our flora every day anew ...

For me, success is not just about allowing this change, but actively promoting it.

And that in all areas of life.

And finally, with the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson and his definition of success, I would like you to think about your own definition for yourself ...

He wrote …

Success means… laughing often and a lot. Win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children. To deserve the credit of sincere critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; admire beauty; find the best in others; Leaving the world a little better, whether with a healthy child, a piece of garden or a small contribution to the improvement of society; know that at least someone else's life would be easier because you lived. That doesn't mean having lived in vain.

In the sense, thank you for sticking to it until the end of this episode - I hope you were able to take something from this episode for yourself, because then it is a success for me as well and you can participate in this success by being you recommending this episode to a person so that they benefit from it and also become a bit more successful. The link to this is attacke.show/20

See you next time, Merry Christmas and relaxing holidays!

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