What makes something popular

Popular & coveted: the secret of likeable people

You are "Everybodys Darling". They enter the room, are directly in the center of the action, are greeted with beaming joy, asked about their well-being and (honestly!) Pitied if they are not doing well.

For everyone who doesn’t ask about their mood: Welcome to the club! And: That's just the way it is and has nothing to do with better or worse. There are those gold children that everyone loves. And a closer look shows that the popular do some things pretty well. And these things here:

1. You go around the world with a smile

Popular people smile at their counterparts as they speak. That completely changes what you say and creates a completely different closeness to one another. Anyone who has (and shows) a sense of humor will be well received by those around them, because laughter simply connects.

2. You listen to others

It is really an art to really listen to someone. Especially when everyone is constantly stressed and has enough problems of their own, they tend to only throw keywords at each other in conversations and then talk about themselves instead of addressing the other. Listening takes a certain amount of selflessness.

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3. You are open and not biased in any way

What else makes sympathetic people so special? They are not narrow-minded in discussions and stubbornly insist on their opinion, but rather listen to the arguments of the others. Hand on heart: in the heat of the moment it is not always easy.

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4. For them, the glass is half full and not half empty

Do you also know people who constantly complain about everything and are in a bad mood? They can put you in a good mood by just going through life. The popular figures are completely different: They are optimistic and look ahead even in difficult situations. So much positive energy arrives.

5. You are in control

That sounds a bit uptight, but what it means is that you have your emotions under control - when it matters. In other words: Don't freak out completely if something doesn't go as you hoped it would. Sympathetic people appear very balanced and seem to be at peace. Even when the going gets tough.

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6. You are open to criticism

Most people find that being able to admit one's weaknesses and flaws is a sign of greatness. Sympathetic people do that. They can show themselves to be weak, remain authentic and do not mutate into ninja fighters just because they are criticized. Another plus point: You can formulate criticism in such a way that the other can accept it without losing face.

7. You care about others

Popular people have the characteristic that they are happy to help when a need arises. Those who are at peace with themselves want to pass this positive energy on to others. Popular people are happy when they can help others feel good. Even if only by paying an honest compliment.

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8. You are silent

Each of us likes them: people who are silent and can keep secrets to themselves. Reliable suggestion boxes, so to speak, that you can confide in without worry. Anyone who continues to tell everything hot is less appreciated. And not blasphemers at all.