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The organic juice factory

Responsibility for people and nature

From the dream of a free life in the country and a mobile juicer in the 1920s, Voelkel emerged, which is now Germany's largest organic juicer. In our organic and Demeter juices, we process fruit and vegetables from A for apple to Z for lemon. We pay attention to regionality and believe in future-oriented, fair agriculture. We are committed to non-seed varieties as well as the preservation of biodiversity and orchards - out of tradition of our family, commitment to quality and the belief in goodness.


From the field to the bottle - what does the term “fresh from the field” actually mean? Why is Voelkel a foundation? What are non-seed vegetables? What does Demeter mean? And who are the people who grow for us? You can find all new topics here.
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Our product range

In our diverse range, we pay attention to high-quality raw materials from organic and biodynamic cultivation and for each of our juices to taste like nature has allowed it to mature. And you can taste that.
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Cultivation & processing

Naturally good juices need healthy soils, plants, animals and farms, clean water and great diversity. We recognized this more than 80 years ago, this is how we act today and this is how we want to shape the future.
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Company & Foundation

For us, being socially and ecologically exemplary means acting economically, thinking socially, promoting organic farming and letting people participate appropriately in our value chain. Read here what we do and how we think.
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