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Corona vaccination certificate

Dear colleagues,

Due to many inquiries and uncertainty about how to deal with our patients' claim to corona vaccination certificates, the DGRh board of directors has decided to create certificate templates for the members of the DGRh, which exactly follow the requirements and formulations of the on March 10th, 2021 updated Coronavirus Vaccination Ordinance (CoronaImpfV) of the Federal Ministry of Health and can be used by you for your practical work.

The following notes seem to be of importance for explanation:

  1. According to § 4 Paragraph 1 No. 2 Letter b of the CoronaImpfV, people with autoimmune diseases or rheumatological diseases are entitled to vaccinations with increased priority, corresponding to those who have reached the age of 60.

    This means that a certificate is required to obtain a increased priority is only useful and necessary for patients who younger than 60 years are.
  2. According to § 3 Paragraph 1 No. 2 Letters a-j of the CoronaImpfV, people with certain diseases, including People after organ transplantation, with dementia, cancer requiring treatment, interstitial lung disease, COPD or other similarly severe chronic lung disease, muscular dystrophy, diabetes mellitus with complications, liver cirrhosis or another chronic liver disease, chronic kidney disease, obesity (body mass index over 40). a right to vaccinations with high priority, corresponding to people who have reached the age of 70.

    This means that a certificate is required to obtain a high priority, e.g. B. due to the above Organ involvement or comorbidities in rheumatic diseases is only useful and necessary in patients who younger than 70 years are.

This means that a medical certificate certifying the presence of a very high, high or increased individual risk for a serious or fatal course of the disease after an infection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is only issued after appropriate authorization by the highest state health authorities may be.

We would also like to point out that there is no entitlement to a specific vaccine and therefore no such vaccine can be attested. Which vaccines are used and when is regulated in the CoronaImpfV and otherwise only depends on current and local availability.

We have also placed the last two references on the certificate template in order to avoid any requests for certificates in this direction.

We would like to expressly point out that we have created this information and the certificate templates with the greatest care and based on precise information, but that we cannot rule out other interpretations by the authorities or implementing bodies. Likewise, in view of the pandemic situation, changes and situational exceptions by politicians can be expected at any time, which may limit the applicability of this information and templates. We will endeavor to provide a quick update in such a case.

For the board of the German Society for Rheumatology e.V.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Krause (President)
Prof. Dr. Christof Specker (1st Vice President)
Prof. Dr. Hendrik Schulze-Koops (2nd Vice President)