What are Blackpink fans called

BLACKPINK: This is what the fandom name BLINK stands for


BLACKPINK fans: BLINK is a message

They are currently the most successful girl group on the planet: BLACKPINK. Since the four K-Pop girls made their debut in 2016, they have built up a huge fan base around the world - which stands behind them unconditionally! This should also be made clear by the name that the group's supporters have given themselves: BLINKs. The word is made up of the beginning and the end of the band name, "Because we were there for BLACKPINK from the beginning and will be there for them until the end"explained a fan on Twitter.

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BLINK - the name says it all

The name could not be more appropriate, as the fans have just shown again. After no new music was released by the band for over a year, despite many promises made by the label YG Entertainment, their supporters went to the barricades. With the hashtag #NO_More_Lies_YG, they not only made a clear statement against the girls' record label on social media, they also sent trucks with huge posters right in front of the YG Entertainment building demanding more information. With success: after the song together Lady Gaga A new BLACKPINK album should be released this year.