Guys find fart disgusting

Children: Flatulence belongs on the toilet

While babies are still happy when the air in their intestines dissolves, there will come a time when others should no longer notice when you have flatulence. But when and how does a child learn that?

The composition determines the smell

"When I have to fart, the bacteria in my intestine actually fart," explains six-year-old Leif and he is not so wrong, confirms the Mühlhausen pediatrician Wolfgang Karmrodt: "The bacteria that colonize our intestines play an important role the digestion of the food components. And you could say that when they process something, a gas comes out of the back. " Such an intestinal wind, medically called a flatus, is composed of a gas mixture that includes methane, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. The latter particularly stinks.

Fudging is fun right through to elementary school

Leif is in first grade and he still thinks it's pretty funny when it cracks. His bench neighbor too. Magda, who is sitting behind him, has not been able to laugh about it for a long time: "The boys are so disgusting, they keep farting and then it stinks up to me behind." "Must get everything out that doesn't pay rent," is the popular saying. But it's not that simple, because social norms stand in the way. Not farting in front of others also means showing them respect. The boys already know that and prefer to let it go, the puffing when the teacher comes over.

Parental behavior is crucial

Not bothering others with bowel winds is a matter of course for adults, at least outside of their own four walls, and with growing shame it becomes so for children as well. However, this is determined by the social environment and there the differences, for example in the parents' homes, but also in the various care facilities, can be very large.

"At kindergarten age, children actually already know that it is not nice when others notice it," explains Gudrun Weichselgartner-Nopper. She is a certified etiquette trainer and, among other things, offers behavioral courses for children. "Even if there is no natural limit of shame here, what the parents and the environment set are decisive. In case of doubt, you have to address it again that you go to the toilet in such a case." If it rattles so loudly that you are embarrassed in front of the rest of the toilet visitors, "Nobody can blame you, because this is the right place for it." Children should know that too.

Sugary and carbonated drinks can cause gas

On average, 15 farts a day find their way outside. "Normally," says Wolfgang Karmrodt, "you can handle it well. However, when there is a malfunction, it is difficult to hold back your breath." Flatulence is not a disease, it is a side effect and, in general, is not a cause for concern.

If they occur more intensely, then you can be careful not to give the child any foods that cause gas, including no sugary or carbonated drinks, and to encourage them to eat slowly so that they do not swallow too much air. However, if there are other complaints such as stomach ache, bloating, bloating, nausea or stool problems, then you should have this clarified. Either at the pediatrician or, if the symptoms persist, with a gastroenterologist who specializes in children.

Food intolerance can cause severe flatulence

If a child blows noticeably often or particularly smelly, the doctor will first examine whether a food intolerance is the trigger. "In babies this is often the protein in cow's milk, in older children there is often a lactose intolerance and a fructose or sorbitol intolerance behind it," says the pediatrician. But stress can also provoke the intestinal winds. Too much excitement can also be one of the triggers for the so-called three-month colic in babies.

In addition to gentle abdominal massages, a warm cherry stone pillow and possibly a tea made from flatulence-relieving spices such as fennel, closeness and peace are particularly helpful here. If the older ones suffer from flatulence, then the same will help them. Underpants with an activated carbon filter, which at least eliminates the odor, are currently only available for adults. But Leif and his buddy find something like that totally unnecessary anyway. At the moment the two prefer to laugh at each other fart. And the more it stinks, the better.