How much do truck dispatchers earn

Dispatcher salary in comparison

Dispatchers are used in warehouse, goods and materials management, in freight transport (especially in the areas of transport and logistics) and in human resources management. Depending on the industry, you are responsible for planning the use of machines, vehicles and employees. So you take on the coordination and organization of specific business processes.

A dispatcher who works in warehouse and goods management or in goods traffic checks individual deliveries and coordinates delivery dates with clients, suppliers and forwarding agents. He decides on the type of transport (truck or rail transport) and assigns the employees and drivers accordingly. Planning the routes is also the task of a dispatcher. He ensures that, for example, certain rail routes are blocked for large-scale transport or, if necessary, roads are also secured by the police. Furthermore, in the area of ​​logistics and transport, the control of driver records and invoices as well as numerous other organizational and commercial activities are the responsibility of a dispatcher.

In materials management, a dispatcher has additional tasks - namely the organization and control of production processes. A dispatcher who works in the materials management sector is responsible for ensuring that the required resources or goods are always available in sufficient quantities and that the production process runs smoothly. The control and documentation of warehouse disposals and receipts, the calculation of delivery times and the ordering of goods are therefore also the responsibility of the dispatcher, such as creating statistics and carrying out inventories. And the calculation of prices and the control and settlement of invoices also fall within the area of ​​responsibility of a dispatcher in materials management.

Dispatchers who work in human resources are also responsible for the provision of resources as required - in this case for the provision of workers as required. In the area of ​​human resources, a dispatcher plans and coordinates the deployment of employees and is also involved in recruiting. The preparation of wage and salary slips is also the responsibility of a planner working in human resources.

The range of activities of a dispatcher thus includes the following - depending on the industry - all in all:

  • Provision of resources
  • Coordination of appointments with customers, suppliers and forwarding agents
  • Control of delivery dates and delivery papers
  • Preparation of offers for the transport of goods
  • Decision on the type of transport (e.g. truck or rail transport)
  • Vehicle deployment planning
  • Creation of duty rosters
  • Control of tachographs or books
  • Control of on-board computers
  • Etc.

Dispatchers find employment e.g .:

  • in shipping companies
  • in logistics companies
  • in rail traffic
  • in human resources
  • in production plants
  • for postal and courier services