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This is how intimate waxing works

At the latest after the "Sex and the City" scene broadcast in 2000, in which Carrie was accidentally given a complete clearcut while waxing a bikini from a Russian depiladora, the hair removal measure also became an issue in Germany. Today there are wax studios and spas in every big city that offer the "hair-free intimate zone" service, and not only so that you can present yourself in a bikini in summer. For more and more women and men, Brazilian waxing in the intimate area is just as much a part of the regular beauty program as a pedicure or peeling. According to a study published in 2011 by the American scientists Debby Herbenick and Vanessa Schick, over 50 percent of all American women between the ages of 18 and 30 are sometimes or always completely pubic.

And an employee of the wax chain "Wax in the City" reports that in Germany mainly U-35 people have their hair waxed in the intimate zone. About 20 percent of them are men. If you are also interested in the hair removal method, but have not yet dared to tackle the painful procedure, you will find all the information and tips on intimate waxing here.

What does Brazilian waxing mean?

The term "Brazilian Wax" describes hair removal in the bikini zone with genital area with warm wax, which became popular in the coastal cities of Brazil in the 1980s.

How does the Brazilian hair removal method work?

Many professional beauty salons use honey-based wax. This is heated, liquefied and applied to the parts of the body to be depilated with a wooden spatula. After a few seconds of drying time, it and the hairs are pulled off with a jerk - unfortunately painful for many people - and the pubic hair is removed.

What is a depiladora?

The term refers to a woman who is performing the hair removal. It is derived from the Spanish word for depilation "depilación". As a rule, a Depiladora has completed training as a beautician and / or special wax and beauty training courses.

Costs: Depending on the treatment variant and the waxing studio, Brazilian waxing costs between 20 and 60 euros in Germany.

How long does the waxing result last? Depending on the customer's hair condition, the smooth result lasts for around two to four weeks.

Duration of treatment: Usually no longer than 20 minutes

Events: Many waxing studios work with the walk-in principle without making appointments. Chains like Senzera also offer pre-agreed waxing. Age: at least 16 years. Those who are younger need a declaration of consent from their parents.

Tips for waxing yourself: If you really want to do it yourself, you should definitely get used to a lot of acrobatics. This in combination with the warm wax makes intimate waxing almost impossible for yourself. Real beauties prefer to rely on professionals!

The pros and cons of Brazilian waxing

Hair removal in the intimate area with warm wax offers both advantages and disadvantages. But what exactly do you have to pay attention to with intimate waxing? We explain the dos and don'ts of hair removal measures:

The benefits of intimate styling

In contrast to shaving, waxing lets you get rid of your hair for several weeks. There are also hardly any shaving bumps and bristly regrowing stubble. In addition, the hair density is reduced with regular waxing, as the hairs are removed together with the roots. As a result, fewer and finer hair grow back. Many intimate waxing customers (including actresses like Eva Longoria) even report a more intense feeling during sex afterwards.

The disadvantages of Brazilian waxing

Genital area depilation with liquid wax is painful for most customers as the hair is torn out by the root. Ingrown hairs and irritated skin often occur after waxing, but these can be prevented with regular peelings. In addition, it is not for everyone to bare oneself in front of strangers and to allow oneself to be touched in the intimate area. Customers should focus on sentences like "Now please lift your leg above your head!" or "Please turn around and keep your buttocks apart".

Wax tips: The dos and don'ts when waxing the intimate zone


Wax first, then wax: So that all hairs can be optimally captured and removed, they should be at least 0.5 and a maximum of 1.2 centimeters long. This means that you have to let them grow for about 10-14 days beforehand or, if necessary, prune them a little.

Regular peeling: The depilated parts of the body should be peeled about twice a week to prevent hairs from growing in.

Getting the timing right: You can go for waxing every day (even during your period), but to keep the pain as low as possible, we recommend an appointment on the days AFTER the days. During this period, most women are less sensitive to pain due to hormonal factors.

Soothe the skin: After the treatment, it is advisable to apply a soothing cream with natural ingredients such as shea butter or aloe vera. Coconut oil is also recommended as a care product after waxing.

Prevent the pain: If you are particularly sensitive to waxing, you can prevent it with a painkiller about half an hour before treatment. A cream with a slightly numbing effect (e.g. "Emla"), which is applied to the genital area one to two hours before depilation, also helps to relieve the pain.


Irritating the skin: Anyone whose skin is injured, reddened or irritated by neurodermatitis should refrain from waxing.

Go into the sun: You should not expose yourself to the sun or visit the solarium 24 hours before and after waxing.

Generate friction: Sport and sex should be avoided for a day after waxing, if possible, so as not to irritate the treated skin. Clothing that is too tight also creates undesirable friction.

Apply chemistry: Immediately before and after the treatment, oily creams and other care products that could irritate the skin (e.g. alcohol-based or with chemical additives) should not be used.

Hairstyle is not hairstyle: Variants of Brazilian Waxing Hollywood

Cut, landing strip or would you prefer a heart on the mound? With liquid wax and a stencil, there are almost no limits to the imagination when it comes to hair removal during Brazilian waxing. We present the different intimate waxing variations and explain the costs and make an appointment.

Hollywood Cut: With the most frequently booked cut in hair removal using Brazilian waxing, all hair in the genital area, including the buttock fold, is removed.

Landing Strip: All pubic hair is removed. All that remains is a narrow, vertical strip on the mound of the venus. One variant is the Edgy Mojo, which is said to be even slimmer.

Grow bikini line: Only the pubic hair that protrudes next to the panty or bikini is removed.

Freestyle: Many waxing studios also offer the option of creating patterns such as hearts, a triangle or a lightning bolt.

Men like these intimate hairstyles

Almost half of men like it hair-free in their partner's panties: 47 percent named the Brazilian style as the most attractive intimate hairstyle. However, "natural pubic hair" landed in second place with 21 percent. In third and fourth place: the landing strip (19 percent) and the trimming of pubic hair that is outside the bikini line (13 percent). In return, the women would like the following intimate hairstyles for men: the removal of pubic hair outside of the underpants (41 percent), a completely hair-free zone (one third), natural (15 percent) and a mohawk (14 percent). But are these wishes also fulfilled by the opposite sex? Partly: 38 percent of women and 13 percent of men shave their hair outside of their panties. Almost a third of women and almost half of men wear the Brazilian style after their intimate shave. Pure nature prevails in the panties of 19 percent of women and a third of men. 12 percent of the female and 6 percent of the male survey participants named a landing strip as their intimate hairstyle. The surveys on the hair removal preferences of Germans were carried out by the wellness tour operator "" and the voucher website "" in June 2013.