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Slim waistline

3 key factors

So you can contribute to a slim waist despite genetics. However, this is not only possible with targeted exercises of the abdominal muscles or a specific sport. Rather, it is a combination of these 3 factors:

1. Diet change:

If you have too much excess body fat around your hips, you have to lose weight and for this you have to change your diet. With a balanced, low-calorie diet, you will lower your body fat percentage and lose weight. Determines your personal calorie requirement, because in order to lose weight you have to eat in a calorie deficit, i.e. you have to consume fewer calories than you burn daily. Above all, remove sugar from your diet. The sweet "drug" leads to blood sugar fluctuations and thus to food cravings. In addition, women in particular put on more belly fat through sugar.

2. Continuous training:

In order to shape your body, you cannot avoid regular exercise. Pay attention to the right combination of endurance and strength training. Regular endurance training is very important, especially when it comes to lowering the percentage of body fat. A workout 3-4 times a week on an elliptical machine, rowing machine or treadmill and your love handles will melt.

However, just cardio doesn't make muscles. If you only do endurance training, you will become thinner, but you will also quickly appear lean instead of healthy and fit. Therefore, always combine your cardio units with strength training. There are no special exercises for a narrow waist, but e.g. by training the larger muscle groups (such as shoulders and back), the center of the body becomes narrower and a thinner waist is automatically created. Strength exercises with dumbbells are just as effective as a workout on a multigym.

3. Correct clothing:

This is especially true for Women - With the right clothing, you can put your waistline in the limelight. Avoid low-waist pants or skirts. And women who naturally tend to have a straight waist should not wear loose clothing. Pants that sit higher on the hips make a narrow stomach and shape a great waist. You should also pay attention to the correct shape of clothes. Your waistline is particularly beautiful in an A-line dress or a dress with a narrow belt that sits at waist height. Dresses with dark colors on the sides also conjure up a slim line. And for the perfect appearance in a cocktail dress, women can also fall back on figure-shaping underwear.