Is McDonalds popular in Europe

Tired of McDonald’s

McDonald's, the world's largest fast food chain, is in crisis. The salesnumbers have been falling for a number of years - also in Germany. Not just in the US seems many of the appetite for hamburgers, Big Macs or Chicken McNuggets to have passed. There was the success of Mc Donald's for a long time unbroken: In April 1955, the first McDonald's opened near Chicagobranch, many followed, because fast food soon became a trend not only in the USA but also internationally.

Today, McDonald's has around 36,000 restaurants around the world. So that's that Companies the most successful fast food chain ever. But now makes MC Donalds losses. In the last quarter of 2014, sales in the USA fell by as much as seven percent compared to 2013. The customer migrate, to smaller chains or restaurants. There are also more and more smaller fast food companies in Germany. These promise more quality. Many successfully advertise using regional or organic products for their burgers. You are reacting to the changed eating habits.

There is no questionthat there is a movement towards healthier eating, ”says Marion Nestle, nutritionist at New York University. It is mostly younger people up to their mid-thirties who eat consciously and want to know more precisely what they are eating and where it comes from, says Nestle. McDonald's also tries to the trend towards conscious nutrition adjust. Meanwhile, the chain also has salads or wraps on offer.

But the crisis shows that the Changeover does not work properly. The journalist Vanessa Wong deals with the topic of the food industry: “McDonald's is omnipresent", she says. The clear vision that everyone has of McDonald's is, on the one hand, good for the company. On the other hand, it is particularly difficult to change what is on offer, precisely because everyone knows what a McDonald's burger looks like and tastes like, for example, according to the journalist.


Fast food
(n., singular only, from English) - a quick meal; a snack

Chain, -n (f.) - here: a → company (e.g. McDonald's or Burger King) that has many → branches

Competitor - here: a company that offers something similar to yourself and with which you are therefore in competition for customers

Trend, -s (m.) - the development in a certain direction

bother someone - colloquial for: to cause problems for someone

Sales, sales (m.) - the income; the value of the goods sold

seem to be; something seems - here: something looks as if

to perish someone; something goes by someone - colloquial for: someone no longer feels like doing something

unbroken - undisturbed; constant

Branch, -n (f.) - a shop / restaurant that belongs to a → chain

Companies, - (n.) - here: the company

Make a loss - make less money

to wander off - go somewhere else

are out of the question - be completely clear; be such that there is no doubt about it

eat consciously - make sure to eat particularly good or healthy products

toto set something - keep something in mind

Wraps (m., from English) - a roll made of dough, which can be filled with vegetables or meat

Changeover, -en (f.) - the change

omnipresent - so that everyone knows it and can be found anywhere

Questions about the text

1. McDonald's ...

a) is the biggest fast food company out there.
b) fights against increasing sales figures.
c) has already been in a crisis once in its history.

2. What is there Not in the text? Lots of consumers ...
a) now prefer to buy their burgers from smaller chains.
b) now eat mainly salad at McDonald's.
c) also pay attention to more quality with the burger.

3. To win more customers again ...
a) McDonald's tries to offer healthier dishes in addition to well-known products such as the hamburger.
b) wants the fast food chain to switch completely to organic products.
c) McDonald's lowers prices.

4. Which relative pronoun is correct? With the clear idea that… everyone has the company and its products, changes are not easy.
b) that
c) the

5. Which relative pronoun is correct? They are mainly young customers up to their mid-thirties, with ... the small fast-food companies earn a lot of money.
a) the
b) those
c) the

Work order
Do you like burgers and fast food? Do you like to eat at McDonald's? Report about it in the course and also give reasons.