The futurism side is believable news

RE-GnoseThe world after Corona

Maybe we will even wonder that Trump will be voted out in November. The AFD shows serious fraying phenomena because a malicious, divisive policy does not fit into a corona world. In the Corona crisis it became clear that those who want to incite people against each other have nothing to contribute to real questions about the future. When things get serious, the destructive that lives in populism becomes clear.

Politics in its original sense as the formation of social responsibilities acquired a new credibility, a new legitimacy for this crisis. Precisely because it had to act “authoritarian”, politics created trust in society. Science, too, experienced an amazing renaissance during the probationary crisis. Virologists and epidemiologists became media stars, but also “futuristic” philosophers, sociologists, psychologists and anthropologists, who previously stood on the fringes of polarized debates, were given voice and weight again.

Fake news, on the other hand, rapidly lost its market value. Even conspiracy theories suddenly seemed like slow-moving even though they were offered like sour beer.

A virus as an accelerator of evolution

Deep crises also point to another basic principle of change: the trend-counter-trend synthesis.

The new world after Corona - or better with Corona - arises from the disruption of the megatrend Connectivity. Politically and economically, this phenomenon is also called “globalization”. The interruption of connectivity - through border closings, separations, foreclosures, quarantines - does not lead to one Abolish of connections. It is about a reorganization of the connectomes that hold our world together and carry it into the future. It comes to one Phase jump in the socio-economic systems.

The world to come will appreciate distance again - and precisely because of this, make connectedness more qualitative. Autonomy and dependency, opening and closing, are rebalanced. This can make the world more complex, but at the same time more stable. This transformation is largely a blind evolutionary process - because one fails, the new, viable, prevails. That makes one dizzy at first, but then it shows its inner meaning: that which connects the paradoxes on a new level is sustainable.

This process of complexation - not to be confused with complication - can also be consciously designed by people. Those who can, who speak the language of complexity to come, will be tomorrow's leaders. The expectant hope. The coming Gretas.

"Through Corona we will adjust our entire attitude towards life - in the sense of our existence as living beings in the midst of other forms of life." Slavo Zizek at the height of the corona crisis in mid-March

Every deep crisis leaves a story a narrative that points far into the future. One of the strongest visions left by the corona virus are the Italians making music on the balconies. The second vision is sent to us by the satellite images that suddenly show the industrial areas of China and Italy free of smog. In 2020, human CO2 emissions will fall for the first time. That fact will do something to us.

If the virus can do that, can we? Maybe the virus was just a messenger from the future. His drastic message is: Human civilization has become too dense, too fast, too overheated. She is racing too much in a certain direction where there is no future.

But it can reinvent itself.
System reset.
Cool down!
Music on the balconies!

This is how the future works.