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Why would someone want a natural birth?

Question: Why would someone want a natural birth?

From the reader's email: "With today's medical technology, I have the option of not feeling anything during the birth. I can show up early in labor and have epidural anesthesia until my baby is comfortably born. Why would someone want a natural birth to wish?"

Answer: One Natural childbirth is actually something that many women consider. In a recent study, up to 60% of women who had a medical birth reported being open to natural birth or birth without medication.

But the list of reasons why women want a natural birth is many. Here are some typical answers:

Safer for baby

All medications used in childbirth can and will reach your baby, even epidural anesthesia. While some get there faster and have more drastic effects, there is no baby evidence used in the study. While you may not be able to notice the effects of drugs on your baby, they are there, even when they are subtle and have difficulty in anything from breathing to muscle tone maintenance difficulties, some of which can last for weeks.

Easier recovery

Some mothers say that the medication worsens in the postpartum period. One mother described it as recovering from everything they did to her. If you don't take medication at birth, a mother can take less medication to recover, even though the work is still hard.

Less risk of caesarean section or other interventions

Because the rate of caesarean sections has increased steadily over the past twenty years, there are women who still do almost everything to avoid unnecessary surgeries.

While how much a drug increases, the risk of a cesarean section can vary widely for a number of reasons, some estimates being high, such as a 50% increase. Even if you're not talking about giving birth a cesarean section, because of the additional monitoring and the risks associated with medicine, more procedures will be done on drug-based births.

This can increase external or internal fetal surveillance, intravenous fluids, amniotomy (break your water), induction or enlargement of labor, etc.

More control

Epidural anesthesia or other medications can make you feel weird or out of control. It can even be something as simple as being stunned. If you don't like this feeling, or if it scares you, natural childbirth would be a better option for you. While you cannot control the work, you can, to some extent, control how you feel emotionally and physically while you work.

It's how my body is made

Faith and trust. There are also a growing number of women who simply trust that their bodies were made that way - to give birth. They have the confidence that with the help of their practitioners and support team, they can get the job done in comfort and without medication.

You need to realize that it's not always natural vs. epidural, either. One of the secrets of natural childbirth is realizing that the choice is not simply epidural or suffering. Women who choose to have natural childbirth have many tools to work with comfortably. This can include: