Why do we need civil engineering

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Civil engineering skilled worker (m / f / d)

Civil engineering skilled workers


Secondary school leaving certificate

Duration of training

2 years


1st year of apprenticeship € 890
2nd year of apprenticeship € 1,230


Schorndorf + Geradstetten | Tauberbischofsheim + Würzburg


Heilbronn | Öhringen | Lauda-Koenigshofen


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not afraid of dirt.

As a civil engineering specialist, you are directly involved in the matter. You feel the upcoming material with your own hands. If someone can get it, it's you. The complicated relationships are not so important to you. Every day you can see where you have used your muscle strength.

Become a civil engineering specialist (m / f / d).

The construction site team gives you stability and security. The team leader communicates intensively with the site manager and the client. Your work will be given to you. The practical solutions are your strength. The things that are not recognized on the plan can be clearly felt in the execution.

Why do we need the practitioner?

Despite all digitalization, we need people who can find solutions. The focus is on practical implementation. The available materials are used sparingly. Common sense is used. No cumbersome and only theoretically successful concepts, but entirely manual work takes place.

Training content

Basic training 1st year:

  • 16 weeks of vocational school
  • 17 weeks training center
  • 19 weeks of operation

Technical training 2nd year:

  • 13 weeks of vocational school
  • 11 weeks training center
  • 28 weeks of operation

complicated subsurface simply explained

Would you like some information in the film?

Explanatory video

Explanatory video

What's under the road?

The unknown heroes of everyday life lie hidden in the ground. The pipes for water, sewage, gas, data communication and telecommunication are hidden in the ground without our being able to see it. Without them our normal life would be unthinkable! We, the pioneers, explain how these are installed and renewed. We have been certified according to QMS DIN 9001 since 1997. In sewer construction, we have been qualified for quality protection class A1 for many years. For pipeline construction, we have pioneered the GW 301 certification since April 12, 2017. The expansion for the gas pipeline construction area was announced on November 22, 2018.

there is no such thing as bad weather, just wrong clothing

Clothing account

Everyone is individual. Everyone has their own heating needs. Every WEGBEREITER receives an annual budget. This is kept in the digital clothing account and can be viewed at any time via mobile in Weg.WIKI, the intranet.

Everyone decides for himself what the individual needs as work clothing.

Get to know the pioneering culture for yourself

Arrange an internship now!

Do the pioneers match your ideas? Isn't that just hot air and "green washing"? How does it feel to be your pioneer in action?

Arrange an internship so that you can find out for yourself whether you want to be YOUR PATTERN.


  • Schneider Bau Heilbronn, 07943 9443-33
  • Schneider Öhringen, 07941 9126-34
  • Konrad Bau Lauda-Königshofen, 09343 6200-62

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next step: specialist construction workers

A good basis has been laid with the two-year vocational training. With appropriate performance in the training, the entry into the third year of the road construction training succeeds. Alternatively, if you have gained professional experience, you can take the final exam to become a specialist worker without a training contract.

Certificates and qualifications

Many things are technically possible: Specialized knowledge such as a welding certificate for plastics technology or processes in asphalt construction can be acquired. This is associated with fundamental strengths in the construction team. Lifelong learning is one of us pioneers.

Working in a team

The second man on the construction site can take on important functions as a mentor. We are developing the representative principle at all workplaces. In the annual staff appraisals, it is discussed which possibilities are available for further qualifications.

saddle up a third year of training

Desire to learn more

Road builders

Qualify further

After the training is before the further training. The third year of training as a road construction worker can be added to the training as a civil engineering worker with appropriate grades.

The young skilled workers are introduced to the experience step by step. Depending on your own initiative and in some cases with the required further educational path, there are many options:

  • Factory polishing course
  • Foreman course
  • Certified foreman civil engineering
  • technical school
  • Dual university, project management
  • Technical colleges
  • Universities

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