What are some characteristics of superficial people

In order not to have superficial relationships, avoid these mistakes

Last update: 09 March, 2017

For many people, love is nothing more than a game. A form of entertainment in which the other person's feelings are worthless. The manipulation is omnipresent and will lead to the downfall of the relationship. It is impossible for this situation to persist in the long term. However, it is also true that sooner or later people who play with love get burned. That is the reality of superficial relationships.

Fluid relationships always run out.

Jennifer Delgado

Perhaps it is the fear of formal relationships that leads us to fill interpersonal connections with instability. Even though we try, we fail to create a solid bond. This behavior leads to the end of many relationships before they even begin. And that's why it's so important to avoid these mistakes.

You refuse to define your relationship

It is true that fixed terms often also mean narrowing and boundaries, but wenn two people want to be together and share moments of their lives, then they have to give a name to what happens between them. If you refuse to name your relationship, you will both feel lost. Are we boyfriend and girlfriend? Are we friends with benefits?

It's not fair to just let the actions speak for themselves. The other person needs to know whether they are free to meet other people or, on the contrary, they can trust in a serious and steady relationship. Either person may disagree and therefore it is not right to let the situation hang in the air.

This behavior indicates a clear one Fear of obligations and titles down. If you don't talk about the relationship, then it can too misconceptions and ideas come that can cause serious problems.

You only look after them when you feel like it

People have feelings and we are not allowed to treat them like objects. They don't just exist to meet our needs when we need them. When we do that, we are “using” a human.

All the shame of people comes from not speaking openly to one another.

Albert Camus

Nobody likes to be used by others. Have you ever done that Have you ever ignored a person until you needed them one day? This type of relationship is painful in the end, undermines self-esteem, and leads to feelings of inferiority. Seeing a person as a tool is like taking a piece of humanity away from them.

There are many people who give in because of low self-esteem or emotional dependence. If you are one of them, remember that you need to love yourself a little more. You don't deserve to be used; you deserve to be loved Remember that you are not an object but a person. Do not allow yourself to be used. And don't use others either.

You're saying the opposite of what you're thinking

As perk friendships became popular, many people wanted to try this new trend. But was that really the kind of relationship they wanted to have? Maybe a lot of people found themselves in this type of relationship, but not because they wanted to. Instead, they were a way to defy the classic idea that love is an eternal feeling. Or at least for a while, until reality teaches them otherwise.

In a relationship without borders, it becomes a game. In the beginning the game keeps the flame alive, but over time it can destroy the relationship. A seemingly innocent game in which we send a message but then allow ourselves our sweet time until we respond. This is done on purpose to keep the mystery alive and to keep the other person interested in us.

The same idea of ​​a relationship is still loaded with daring threats and dire premonitions: it conveys the pleasure of union and the horror of imprisonment at the same time. Maybe it's because people talk more about relationships than couples.

Zygmunt Bauman

The truth is that relationships have become very fragile these days. Be it because our understanding of love has changed or because we somehow destroyed its original concept and were unable to create a new one.

We have criticized the lack of communication that couples suffer from, but we are now defending the absence of “labels”. And that absence only makes us feel confused and lost without limits. We may be clear about what we don't want, but not so much about what we want. And even less about what we are willing to negotiate in order to reach an agreement.

In the end we exchanged the classic definitions for emptiness. A void that is not harmless because it is the source of much confusion and emotional damage. And that is something that we as a society and as individuals need to think about.