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12 things you should give up to be more successful

I am convinced that success is inherent in each of us. To be (more) successful, we often have to get rid of habits and not get used to new ones.

Allow me a look into your "bad" habits, which you should get rid of in order to lead a more successful life.

It is not the cards that are bad, but you who play the cards badly!

Successful people know that they are 110 percent responsible for their own lives. There is no: if, then and others are to blame. But only you yourself.

The moment you consider external reasons for your failure, you are in excuse mode! If you think that you cannot help the situation, you have given up control of your life. Successful people never do that!

  • No more everybody‚Äôs darling

Are you dependent on confirmation from others? Give it up. You can never do everyone justice and if you do try, you are the only one who will lose it. Give yourself a "If you don't like me or my decisions, lick my ass" attitude! Successful people offend. You should do this as well.

  • No more toxic people

People around you who put you down and don't believe in you are, by definition, poison for your success. Get rid of them. Even if it's your parents! I'm not saying that you must never see her again. But reduce the contact so much that they can no longer influence you and surround yourself with people who do you good, talk positively, give tips and believe in you!

  • Spontaneous and chaotic is shit. From today on: discipline!

Discipline is everything. It is the foundation for every success. You cannot be successful without discipline. Regardless of whether it is professional or private, it simply does not work without discipline.

No matter what your environment says, let them call you petty, if you work in a disciplined manner on your goals, you will achieve them and then the people who laughed at you will admire you for your success!

  • Give up your belief in the perfect stroke of luck

The Internet is teeming with offers: "Do that and you will be a millionaire within 3 days"! Hopefully you don't believe bullshit like this. Success is a result of visible or sometimes invisible work. Much and hard work! Often times, a lot of hard work. Just because you don't see it in others doesn't mean that nobody did it. To summarize soberly: Without diligence, no price.

  • Give up your perfectionism

As reported in other blog posts, your perfectionism is ultimately just an excuse not to get going. While you have been trying for months on how to get something perfect, others have long overtaken you. Simply because they started imperfectly!

  • Give up thinking small, grow up

You bake small rolls, you neither want to attract attention nor be the center of attention! Just because you're too cowardly for that? But you want to be successful at the same time ?! Do you notice something?

Success always has to do with the spotlight. Not necessarily on a large show stage, sometimes just in a company meeting room. But you have to be in the center so that all eyes are on you.

  • Give up your addiction to TV and social media

Jack Kornfield once said that TV is the plague of our generation. TV and social media eat up so much time that you miss it somewhere else. Consuming these media shouldn't be part of your daily routine. Unless it's part of your dream job. Otherwise banish these elements from your life and use the time to work on your dreams and successes.

Winston Churchill once said: "You will never achieve your goal if you play with every barking dog".
Successful people know that focus and concentration are the be-all and end-all of success. You choose a task and drive it to a successful conclusion. Singletasking is also a form of discipline!

  • Are you still a control freak - then give it up!

What do you think you can do better and better, you arrogant asshole! Is your self-confidence really so low and meager that you don't trust anyone else to be good at something?
Oh no, that is not at all the background of your control addiction. Mimimimi - what is it then? Go inside yourself, clarify that with yourself and finally learn to delegate and trust. Or do you want to control everything yourself in a company with 500 employees ?!

  • You poor wretched yes-man

What's going on, does someone no longer like you when you defend yourself and give your opinion? Well, you've read point number 2, haven't you?
Yes, sayers are exploited and abused by others. The others see you as the weakest link in the chain and that's why the work always ends up with you.
Can the weakest link in the chain be successful? Finally learn to say NO!

  • Let go of traditions and habits

I know I know tradition is great and should be preserved blah blah ...

Do you even know one company that has stuck to the tradition for the past 50 years and has not changed anything?
Neither in production, nor in advertising, nor anything else? Habits, customs and traditions are great, but have no place in business and for success. Every decision has to be weighed up again and again and checked for modernity and meaningfulness. Don't let nostalgic feelings overwhelm you.

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