Which are the World Ivy League University

RankingThe 10 best universities in the world

Harvard, Oxford, MIT: The names of these elite universities are real mega brands on the international education market. They combine tradition with research at the highest level and promise a prestige that graduates will no longer be able to take regardless of their later professional success. Huge tuition fees and a relentless selection process make training at these universities a privilege that students from all over the world are now striving for. But the universities themselves are in international competition for wealthy customers, generous alumni and a general reputation.

Ranking lists for the best universities in the world are often controversial when it comes to the selection and weighting of criteria. A renowned ranking comes from the British weekly magazine "Times Higher Education". According to the information, almost 1,400 universities in 92 countries were examined for 14 performance indicators for the 2020 best list. According to the publisher, the analysis was checked by auditors from PwC. 30 percent of the final grade is allotted to teaching, research and the influence of a university (measured by the number of citations). The international orientation (students, lecturers) of the institution also plays a role in the ranking.

According to the Times Higher Education, these are the ten best universities in the world:

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# 10 Imperial College London

Imperial College London may not be as well known as Oxford or Harvard. The technical college and university, founded in 1907, has been one of the ten best universities in the world in THE ranking for years. However, the educational institution had to move to ninth place in the current ranking. The centers of the global education market are clear. Eight of the top 10 universities are in the US and two in the UK.

# 9 University of Chicago

The University of Chicago moved up one place to ninth place. Anyone who looks into the Hutchinson dining room reminiscent of the Hogwarts boarding school is not entirely wrong. The university, founded in 1890, was architecturally inspired by Christ Church College in Oxford, the location of the "Harry Potter" films.

# 8 Yale University

Yale belongs to the exclusive circle of the eight Ivy League universities. The educational institution was founded in 1701, making it the third oldest university in the United States. In the 2020 THE ranking, Yale University holds eighth place from last year.

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# 7 Harvard University

Harvard is traditionally considered the most prestigious university in the USA. The oldest university in the country was founded in 1636. Internationally, however, according to THE magazine, it is not the absolute top. Harvard even lost one place compared to the previous year and has to be content with seventh place in the 2020 ranking. Angela Merkel received an honorary doctorate here.

# 6 Princeton University

Princeton belongs to the Ivy League with Harvard and Yale. The university is located in the state of New Jersey, about halfway between New York City and Philadelphia. She was able to defend sixth place.

# 5 Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Budding online pioneers like to ignore the Ivy League and head straight for MIT. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge is internationally recognized as the ultimate high-tech management academy. However, the university slipped one place in the current ranking.