Health workers live longer

Working in old age

Workplace health promotion (BGF) is a modern corporate strategy with the aim of strengthening health and improving people's wellbeing in their workplace and maintaining it in the long term. This is to prevent illnesses in the workplace. Health promotion is not primarily about reducing stress, but above all about promoting the resources and potential of people to increase and maintain health.

WHP experts understand resources as personal, social and structural means in order to be able to cope with challenges, demands and pressures. Resources include health knowledge, health literacy, resilience, but also scope for decision-making, recognition or appreciation. For companies, this means enabling employees to develop skills and scope, e.g. through appropriate work organization, working hours or further training.

The diversity of employment relationships and employees requires tailor-made offers. If the measures are based on the real needs of the target groups, it is more likely that they will be successful. BGF uses proven methods of organizational development for this. For example, age-appropriate work design includes a package of measures, especially in the areas of management, further training, work organization and health.