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The salary as a chef

This page gives you an overview of all the salary data we have on the profession of cook. All the values ​​determined come from our own salary database. All salary data for the profession of cook is shown in an average value.

Gross salary as a cook

Monthly gross salary2.216,21€
Annual gross salary26.594,57€
How much net?

According to our database, the average gross monthly salary of a cook is € 2,216.21. This results in a gross value of € 26,594.57 for the annual salary. From this an hourly wage of € 14.61 can be calculated.

Current salary records for the profession of chef

The following list shows the latest entries in our salary database for the profession of cook.

Data sets from May 19, 2021
Gross salary in €Agegenderworkplace
1.800,0022male67715 Geiselberg
1.800,0022male67715 Geiselberg
915,0019Female65510 Idstein
2.100,0029male74239 Hardthausen
2.216,0028Female45327 Essen
1.900,0044male13437 Berlin
2.300,0044Female13437 Berlin
2.880,0054Female85221 Dachau
2.600,0038male97082 Wuerzburg
1.900,0020male60326 Frankfurter am Main

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Average salary for chefs by state

Regional wage differences still play a role due to structural economic factors. Even with the cook, differences in earnings depend on the state.

federal stateGross salary in €
North Rhine Westphalia2.192,32
Baden Wuerttemberg2.327,00
Schleswig Holstein2.244,63
Rhineland Palatinate2.625,47
Mecklenburg Western Pomerania2.129,72
Lower Saxony2.045,34
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Chef salary based on marital status

Average salaries also vary according to marital status. Married chefs earn more on average than unmarried colleagues.

Our database gives the following average values:

marital statusGross salary in €
single parent2.232,70
The income difference between married and single parents is: 140.11893939394 (6.28%)

Chef salary by gender

The gender pay gap describes the income difference that prevails between men and women. The gender-specific wage is given here as the average gross wage for cooks:

genderGross salary in €
The income difference between men and women is: 251.62359217546 (10.91%)

Average salary as a chef by age

With age, the average salary for a chef also increases.

The following table shows the average gross salary that chefs receive in the given age range:

Age range in yearsGross salary in €
18 - 201.371,25
21 - 252.167,10
26 - 302.167,42
31 - 402.267,93
41 - 502.265,73
51 - 602.223,73
61 - 702.010,67

Average salary as a chef based on professional experience

With increasing professional experience, chefs earn more on average than colleagues who are still at the beginning of their careers.

Work experience in yearsGross salary in €
1 - 21.927,78
2 - 52.273,08
5 - 102.179,52
10 - 201.990,96
20 - 302.167,73
> 301.941,25

Training as a budding chef

As a chef trainee, you first have to complete a three-year training course. As is customary in most training programs, some of them take place in the respective training company and the other in the vocational school.

In this way, the prospective chef learns all the necessary specialist knowledge that he needs for the professional exercise of his later profession. In addition to general education subjects, subject-specific subjects are also on the program at school.

The job-specific subjects include, for example:

  • Food science
  • Beverage science

In operation, the focus is on practical knowledge. From properly chopping an onion to properly cooking and using spices correctly.

The options for continuing education as a chef

Anyone who, as a cook, is considering the idea of ​​further training, has various options.

Depending on the direction in which you want to go, you can further expand and promote your skills and talents in the field with additional knowledge.

An overview of common further training courses as a chef

  • Further training to become a master chef
  • Training to become a chef
  • Advanced training to become a business economist
  • Become self-employed and start your own existence

Koch - an overview of further training

If you only invest a few months, you can already be trained to become a master. With the master's title, doors open to leading positions in the kitchen and at the same time you receive the license to train your own apprentices. Self-employment is now also easily feasible.

The training to become a chef is not a training in the strict sense of the word. Rather, one is promoted to this.

As a cook, however, this requires consistently good, solid performance. So if you always stay on the ball, you have good tickets to receive such a promotion in a timely manner.

If you don't want to stop at cooking, you also have the option of further training in business administration at one of the various hotel management schools.

This naturally increases the range of tasks many times over. Because then as a cook you can also find work outside the cooking pots, for example in the area of ​​management.

Of course, as a chef, you always have the option to set up your own restaurant and thus build your own small or large existence.

However, you then have a lot of other things to do and you won't just stand in the kitchen and cook that often. But if you are aware of this in advance, there are some very interesting possibilities.

How is the salary as a chef affected?

Further influencing factors on the salary as a chef:

In general, the location plays an important role in earnings and therefore chefs in West Germany usually earn more than their colleagues in the east of the republic.

Furthermore, the size of the company is also decisive, as small companies with fewer than 100 employees pay significantly less than larger employers.

Gender is also an influencing factor for salary, because women earn on average around 21 percent less money than their male colleagues.

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