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Is a Canon T5 a good starter DSLR camera for a Pixel XL owner? [Duplicate]

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This is probably a stupid question, but I'd rather ask it now before I invest hundreds in a new DSLR camera so that I won't regret it later.

In short, I currently have a Pixel XL that I use for all of my photography (as a hobby). The Pixel XL is probably the best phone camera I've ever used by far, but it's just a phone camera.

Phone camera or not, the phone itself is a $ 900 device, and I wonder if investing in a ~ $ 380 DSLR for my first real DSLR camera will still be a big "step up" .

So is this still a good choice or should I save up and invest in something better? If the latter, any recommendations (again for someone who has never used a real DSLR camera)?


Explore the Canon Rebel SL1. It has features that the T5 didn't make to fit. (IE Mic Jack, touchscreen). Even though this is an older camera, you should drag it over the T5.


I would recommend that you go with one of the "i" series like the T5i. You get a lot more for the money. As for your question, "is this still a good choice?" - Yes. As a beginner, you can do anything you want with something like a T5i as you learn the basics of DSLRs.

Plus, it won't lose much of its value over the next two years. Even if you upgrade later, it wouldn't be a huge success.

I started with a T3i before moving to a pro, but I still use the T3i for a few things.