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Time wasters - games that we have played the longest

We spent most of our time in these games.

On New Years, an incredibly personable and amazing tweet made the rounds. Twitter user Paul Hubans told about his 87-year-old grandma, who has been playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf on her Nintendo 3DS for four years. Unfortunately, it broke last year and so there was a new one for the grandchildren's older lady at Christmas.

So far so good. It is cool that people continue to play well into old age, but by far not uncommon these days. But the story doesn't end there. When transferring the system from the old to the new 3DS, Hubans encounters the time his grandma has spent in the game so far. A whopping 3,580 hours with Animal Crossing in four years.

These are our time wasters

There are games that we can just play over and over again. Even after countless hours, boredom simply doesn't want to arise.

Therefore, today we want to tell you which games are at the top of our list in terms of playing time and why we keep launching them even after years.

Dennis - The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

Dennis Michel

Playing time: 2000h (higher number of unreported cases)

While many have spent most of the playing time in big blockbusters like Skyrim or GTA, for me it's a small, if not entirely unknown, indie game. Years ago I spent several hours in the original, but with The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and the expansion Afterbirth the whole madness really started.

TBOI is a so-called roguelike in which you fight your way from room to room and from level to level. You collect new items and skills that you use against increasingly strong opponents. If you die, all the fun starts all over again.

2000 hours is an incredibly long time, but to be honest, it was so worth it. Over the years I became more and more involved with the Isaac scene, got to know other players and streamers and even took part in international tournaments. Will I ever spend that long in a game again? Probably not, unless developer Edmund McMillen brings out a successor, then ...

Also played for a long time:

Linda - CoD: Modern Warfare 2

Linda Sprenger

Playing time: Continuously for over a year

I haven't spent as much time in any other game as in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, around 500 hours. As a rule, I don't spend too long playing games, but usually grab the next one as soon as I've finished one or have lost interest in it.

Modern Warfare 2 was able to inspire me for months, more precisely the multiplayer mode of the shooter from Infinity Ward.

A friend persuaded me to play with him at the time. At first I had to struggle with the fast gameplay and the many "quickscopers" and "noobtubers", but soon I got so involved in the multiplayer experience that at some point I couldn't let go. Until the release of the first Black Ops offshoot, I cavorted on the battlefields of MW 2, but then gradually lost interest.

I would still look forward to a remaster of Modern Warfare 2. No other CoD multiplayer has ever captivated me so much.

Also played for a long time:

Max - For Honor

Maximilian Franke

Playing time: 850h

With currently just over 850 hours of playing time, For Honor sneaked into first place for me. In fact, I already took part in all alphas and betas before the release, because in my opinion the great setting in combination with the fun combat system was able to cast its spell on me from the start.

Unfortunately, I can't say that the entire season was filled with sheer bliss. Especially at the release it was sometimes a real agony to fight through disconnections and lags. However, this construction site was largely eliminated with the switch to dedicated servers.

While there are still issues with balancing, I think Ubisoft has made a real effort in the past with continuous updates and continues to do so. For Honor now offers 22 different fighters. Four more are officially confirmed for 2019. I'm happy for that!

Also played for a long time:

Tobi - Project Gotham Racing 2

Tobias Veltin

Playing time: 800h (more than the police allow)

There is a good but also a sad reason why I spent so much time in a racing game of all things. The beautiful one is easy to tell: For me, Project Gotham Racing 2 is the best racing game I've ever played, and the fantastic driving experience in particular tied me to the Xbox back then.

The sad reason is mainly decisive for the immensely long playing time. Because shortly after I finished the entire career mode on platinum, my score went down the drain because it was suddenly corrupt. So I played the whole thing again - which cost me blood, sweat and tears the first time it was played through. Only to find out again shortly afterwards that the score was corrupt.

All in all, I've platinumized the PGR2 career mode three times. In addition, there are hundreds of hours in the excellent multiplayer mode. It is a shame that the series did not continue after the fourth part.

Also played for a long time:

Rae - Skyrim

Rae Grimm

Playing time: Over 9000

Spending a lot of time in Skyrim is certainly not uncommon. After all, Skyrim is gigantic and offers an incredible amount of things to do, both during and especially off the story. So it shouldn't surprise anyone that, as an avowed RPG fan, I spent a lot of time chopping my blood from the Nordwacht Fortress to Bruchhelmtal and back as a Dragonborn.

Most of my playing time was, well, not entirely voluntary.

It all started when I first played Skyrim on PS3. Yes, on the PS3. And we all know what that means: bugs over bugs over bugs over bugs. My favorite: The console freezes completely every time I come near water.

Nevertheless, I stubbornly defied the odds and put several hundred hours into my first attempt - which was interrupted when a friend cleared my score. Almost 200 hours away. So I started over. Just so that a new bug would delete my next save of over 150 hours.

I moved to the PS4 and started over, again devoting many, many hours to the game. Only to get the PC version for my birthday, which lured me away from the console with all its modding options and let the game start for the fourth time on the PC - where I lost my game status again after around 50 hours. Run five was also on the PC. Start six then on the Nintendo Switch, somebody had to test Skyrim for Switch, didn't they?

How many hours I have now spent in Skyrim can no longer be understood thanks to my persistent streak of bad luck and lively platform jumping. What I do know, however, is that I still don't know the end of Skyrim and probably never will see it either.

Also played for a long time:

Which game did you spend most of your time in?

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