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Sex workers talk about their richest customers

The film Pretty woman is best known for one scene: Julia Roberts goes shopping in her role as a prostitute with the money of a rich customer and really lets snooty saleswomen, who previously treated her disparagingly, show up.

The truth is, sex work is usually not that glamorous. True, society has been in the three decades Pretty woman developed, but many people still find it difficult to understand how diverse the jobs in the field of sex work are, how many of them involve sex at all (not many), how much talent is necessary to be successful (very much), and how often a filthy rich customer comes by (rather seldom).

But "rarely" is not "never". There are also sex workers where a customer transfers a million dollars or has spontaneously invited them on an all-inclusive trip around the world. To find out more about this type of client, I interviewed some successful women in the sex industry.

Catjira, porn actress, Playboy model, camgirl and cosplayer

Catjira works among other things as a camgirl | Photo courtesy of Catjira

VICE: What was the biggest amount a customer has ever spent on you?
Difficult question. There was a guy I met a few years ago at the beginning of my career. I had just made enough money to move into my own four walls. But my new home was still completely empty, the guy noticed that during our video calls. So he decided to furnish the entire house for me - really completely, including wooden furniture, dressing table and sofas. He's sure to have paid over $ 10,000 there. I still have some of the things today.

How convenient. Did you ever meet that guy right?
No. He was just generous.

What other expensive gifts have you received over the years?
When my laptop broke, one of my fans sent me a voucher that I could use to pick up a brand new MacBook from Apple. It has even happened twice. They also sent me expensive earrings and underwear. Such gifts help me in my work.

What about people who pay a lot of money for your content?
I once offered the option on my site to buy a clip for $ 6,000 in which I fulfill the buyer's ultimate cosplay fantasy. Actually, I assumed that nobody would strike anyway, but then one day it did happen. I love making videos, so I went to extra lengths to get even the smallest details right. That was a lot of fun.

Goddess Jasmine Mendez, Findomme

Jasmine's customers are happy when they can transfer their money | Photo courtesy of Mendez

VICE: How much have you made in your years as a Findomme - that is, as a financial dominatrix?
Goddess Jasmine:
Hard to say, but definitely several million dollars. Definitely enough to pay for three houses through just financial domination. On average, I make between $ 2,000 and $ 5,000 a day. So I'm doing pretty well.

Wow. Which of your Paypigs are paying you the most money?
The highest amount came from a soldier who sold his house and sent me $ 50,000 in one fell swoop. Otherwise, I have a sub who always comes from Tokyo and once gave me $ 20,000 to lead him through Times Square on a leash. A doctor pays me around $ 40,000 a year. And once, while I was shopping, some strange guy offered me to pay for all of my purchases. We spent the whole day together and he bought me a bunch of expensive things - like a $ 10,000 necklace, for example.

Photo courtesy of Mendez

How much do you have to work for your money?
It's not as easy as you might think. I'm a lifestyle dominatrix, so I live my job around the clock. This makes it harder to distinguish between work and everyday life. Everything mixes up somehow.

Have you already been paid for dream trips?
Once a sub gave me his credit card details and asked me to use them to book a trip to the Bermuda Islands for me and my boyfriend at the time. When we were there, he wanted photos of me kissing my boyfriend and sleeping with him. In between he kept sending little surprises to our room, such as champagne or strawberries. The trip totaled $ 26,000, but we all - including the sub - had a great time.

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Naomi Collins, escort and founder of the escort platform Ennvy

VICE: Tell us about your richest customer.
Naomi Collins:
That was a big deal in the aviation industry. In the beginning he was just a normal customer and paid £ 200 per date. But soon we saw each other several times a week. One evening he took me to an expensive restaurant and asked me how I was financially. From then on everything changed.

What happened then?
I told him my car had to go to the repair shop and that the repairs would cost me over £ 2,000 or about 2,200 euros. So he took his cell phone and just transferred the money to me on the spot. After that date, he always booked me for longer dates and paid more for them - at least twice as much as normal. It went on like this for eight or nine months.

Did you also travel together?
Yes. He also paid me and a friend for all-inclusive trips to Madrid, Amsterdam and Venice - always in five-star luxury hotels, of course. With him I flew once to Dubai for ten days and once to the Dominican Republic. Although he was busy with his work most of the time during these trips, I still couldn't complain because I just let myself be pampered in the spas.

Do you still have contact?
Do we have. He decided to start a family, which is why we went our separate ways for the time being. But we're still friends.

Penny Barber, adult actress

Penny Barber works as an adult actress | Photo courtesy of Barber

VICE: You've been in the sex industry for almost 20 years. Which of your customers has paid the most so far?
Penny Barber:
There are quite a few, but one type stands out in particular. I met him at one of my cam shows when I was divorcing my children's dad. He was totally generous and supported me and my children in a very difficult time. He bought me everything I needed: kitchen utensils, furniture or electronic devices - often even in the luxury version. He even gave toys to my children. Once it was so important to him that I watched a TV series that he liked, that in addition to the DVD, he also sent me a new TV and DVD player. He also invited me to go shopping in Las Vegas and bought me a ruby ​​necklace.

What did he ask in return?
Not what many might think now. I only really met this man once. In the adult industry, they say that the people who spend the most on you expect the least. And the people who spend the least make the most ridiculous and hair-raising demands for it. I just ignore that.

What is the relationship between the extremely generous customers and the stingy types?
There are hundreds of small fish for every whale. It just comes down to coming across as the type of person these whales are attracted to at work.

This is Meggerz | Photo: provided by Meggerz

VICE: What was the most expensive thing a sub has ever bought you?
Probably my BMW M3. I was allowed to choose any car at the dealership, and he then paid the $ 10,000 deposit and the remaining monthly payments.

Were there any other types who were willing to pay?
Oh yeah. Once I made $ 54,000 in just a month from a video clip website, most of it from just one guy. Said website issued a giant check for it and later presented it at the AVN-Expo in Las Vegas.

How much money have you made as a Findomme over the years?
Definitely over a million. In addition, my subs paid me for various vacation trips - for example an all-inclusive trip for me and my boyfriend to Germany, Turkey and Egypt. But he also made trips for me and another dominatrix. There was only one difference when traveling with my boyfriend, my sub said to me: "If you were traveling with another woman, I would have put you in business class."

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